Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ya Mon!! Deborah Saves Again!!!

When you work in animal welfare, you have to try hard to keep your sense of humour. Deborah with Jamaica Community Animal Welfare makes sure those at Animal-Kind-International keep theirs!!

Deborah sent AKI these pictures and the background story. Yes, that is Deborah in the purple shirt. And yes, she rescued that dog!

Black Dog: Ok Deb you got her, now pull!
Me: Can you help? She's heavy
Black Dog:, cause I don't have any hands!
Me: Well with all the food I give you every week couldn't you at least try?
Black dog:
Me: She's slipppping....
Black Dog: Ok, here grab my paw! But it'll cost you an extra bowl of food.
Me: Ok, deal
Me: Ok she's up! I got her!
Black Dog: Great!I know you're gonna give her all the food, so can I get mine first?

So tonight another homeless dog is safe, well-fed and loved because one of the most selfless and dedicated animal-warriors in Jamaica has done what many people would never do and that is to save an animals life. For more information about Deborah and her organization or to donate towards her and Animal-Kind Internationals rescue efforts please click HERE

xoxox Nicole

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Surrounded By Love..........

It never ceases to amaze me the incredible people that I am constantly surrounded by on a daily basis. This morning I received a voicemail from one of my closest friends Shelley and she informed me that she found a baby hawk that fell from its nest. She was very worried as its beak looked broken and the "mom" was flying around the houses going crazy. She didn't know what to do and was looking for advice. Unfortunately I was sick in bed all day with the flu and didn't get her message until this evening. When I went to message her on facebook this was what was waiting for me in my inbox:

"All is well. I took the wee bird to the Wildlife Centre. It was a pigeon - I was not saving its baby, I was stealing its dinner. For 5 seconds I felt like a fool. Then I said to the girl, a life is a life. She said, we love pigeons here, go down that hall. And there, through one way glass I saw, pigeons!, lots of recovering pigeons. Those of us, who understand this, understand this. I left them with $50; in thanks. She said to me, If you had brought us a mouse, or a rat, we would have taken it. Nicole, what wonderful work we do. I could not have picked up that bird today. I could not have coped, if it had not been for our kittens and you support and reassurance. Please cut and paste this into your blog. This is the most satisfying work I have ever done. Feel better, wonderful girl. Lots of love Shelley" *

*Not only is Shelley an avid animal lover, she is also an incredibly talented photographer*

Most people I know would probably laugh at this story, but for me and so many others out there, these are the stories that keep us going. Knowing that if and when we find an animal in need (no matter how big or small) there will be individuals on the other end, like the staff and volunteers at the Toronto Wildlife Centre, that will greet us with open arms!


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas - 2010!!

*Quincey during Christmas 2009*

Merry Christmas everyone!! No matter what you may be doing today whether its having a big dinner with your family, friends or with your furrbabies I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Some eco-friendly tips for the day include:

1. Re-use all gift bags, tissue paper and tags - put them all in one big bag or box and save them for 2011!!

2. Turn down the heat if you are having a lot of people over - between body heat and flowing alcohol no one will notice that the furnace is not on

3. Keep all chocolates up and away from the reach of pets - remember chocolate is toxic to dogs

4. Don't like a gift you received? Either donate it to a local womens shelter or save it for another occasion to re-gift!! Shhhhh I won't tell!! Less waste for the planet and a heavier wallet for you!

Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy & successful 2011

xoxoxox Nicole

Monday, December 20, 2010

Load Up On Fruit & Veggies Minus The Plastic!!

My family and I have been using Credo Bags for almost two years now and we absolutely LOVE them! We love fruits and veggies in our house but it was always so frustrating for my dad and I to make those heart healthy choices while having no option other than use those petroleum based mini produce bags to package it all in! Thankfully two years ago my best friend Kristina and I came across Credo Bags at The Green Living Show in Toronto. We immediately picked some up for ourselves and family to give away as gifts. The re-usable produce bags are extremely lightweight, made from organic cotton and very future friendly. There is hardly a week that doesn't go by when I am asked at the grocery store where I got the bags and how I like them. Hopefully in the near future people will be forgoing the produce bags in Toronto as they have been the larger plastic bags for groceries and purchases. The Credo Bags company isn't limited to produce bags. They also carry bags for bulk, baguettes, wine and snacks.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Perfect Stocking Stuffer!!

Pretoma's 2011 calendar will have your friends and family feeling fishy throughout the year as they pin up this beautiful calendar on their wall! Whether it is at home or work the stunning images of critically endangered sharks and sea turtles will bring a smile to any conservationists face. All money raised from the sale of the calendars will go back into Pretoma's fight against shark finning, long-lining and sea turtle conservation work throughout the waters and shores of Costa Rica! It's a win-win situation that will have a great impact on protecting our beloved oceans and the creatures they sustain! Contact Pretoma today - I have already ordered mine!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Gorilla Conservation Goes Pedal Powered!

Hi this is Sam at the Gorilla Organization’s Ugandan resource centre. The last couple of weeks have been very exciting for us. We have launched a brand new gorilla consrervation project in Western Uganda – Africa’s very first pedal powered cinema for conservation! This innovative cinema will be showing educational conservation films to school children and communities in some of the most rural villages on the edge of Mgahinga National Park. Prior to the launch of this project, many of the children, and even their teachers, had never seen a film before – and many had never seen images of gorillas.

Here is a photo of the pedal-powered cinema in action. The viewers take it in turns to pedal the bike, which generates enough energy to power the film!


Madeline Westwood, the director of the Great Apes Film initiative, who is partnering with the Gorilla Organization on this project, and Colin Tonks, the “wonder technician” and inventor of the cinema, came to Uganda from the UK to set this project running.

The first film showings were amazing – at one screening as many as 800 children came along to enjoy the Gorilla Organization’s film. And they were so excited – it was wonderful to see. The bike adds an extra element of audience participation to the screenings and children where queuing up to do some pedaling and power the film!

The children were amazed at what they saw. Some were so interested in the gorillas, and are now so desperate to protect them that they wanted us to make sure that their parents could watch the film too – I have no doubt that each and every one of them went home to tell their families about what they had seen. This is a huge step for gorilla conservation – the more local people who what to protect the gorillas, the more likely the gorillas are to survive long into the future.

As well as providing invaluable conservation education, the bikes provide an entirely clean source of power. No petrol is needed, no electricity is needed and as a result there is no negative environmental impact of showing these films.

Conservation education is now reaching remote communities, villages with no electricity and a whole host of others who have never before been able to see films or access this type of education – for this we are extremely proud. In the three weeks that the project has been running 11,600 school children, 184 teachers, 110 soldiers and 46 park rangers, all living around the Ugandan gorilla habitats, have seen the films – wow!

Here is a photo of children transfixed by the film and the bike in motion!

For more information about The Gorilla Organization please visit:



Thursday, November 25, 2010

Whats In Your Stocking?

Its that time of year again where people pull out wads of cash, max out their credit cards and make purchases that aren't really necessary. Instead of buying the same old gifts like body lotions, purfume and clothes for your friends and family, that will just be thrown away or tossed in the basement to collect dust, why not lower your carbon footprint and help make a difference in the world with these unique ideas for this 2010 holiday season.

*Purchase Previously Viewed Movies*

1) Movies are always popular gifts for the holidays especially since the big Hollywood giants pump out their most popular movies this time of the year, however, all these DVD's and Blu-Rays create a lot of plastic waste plus these movies are sometimes only watched once!! Why not head over to Blockbuster and purchase a previously viewed video!? Not only are you saving money but its also a form of reducing and reusing. That one DVD might have already been watched by people many times, however, Blockbuster guarantees that the movies are in perfect condition and you are not contributing to that movie being manufactured, transported and the waste thrown out! Its a win-win situation!! I already have Disney's Oceans, Inception and Grown Ups on my list with a request that they be purchased as previously viewed movies from Blockbuster! :0)

*I'm hoping to have this pair under my tree come December 25th! :0)*

2) This next item is already on my wish list!! What is quickly becoming the hottest brand in North America, TOMS Shoes is changing the way we choose our brands! In 2006, American traveler Blake Mycoskie befriended children in Argentina and found they had no shoes to protect their feet. Wanting to help, he created TOMS Shoes, a company that would match every pair of shoes purchased with a pair of new shoes given to a child in need. One for One. Using the purchasing power of individuals to benefit the greater good is what their all about. The TOMS mission transforms their customers into benefactors, which allows them to grow a truly sustainable business rather than depending on fundraising for support. My best friend Kristina already owns a pair and absolutely LOVES them! Everyday she reminds her co-workers that they too can make a difference by making sustainable and intelligent choices when it comes to making purchases!

*"Ecoholic" by Canadian author Adria Vasil*

3) "Ecoholic" and "Ecoholic Home" by Adria Vasil is my go-to resource when it comes to wanting to learn more about making smart purchases and what I can do everyday in life to make my planet and future a little happier. It's hard being a TreeHugger. As Adria Vasil says in the introduction to her book Ecoholic: "The tough part is that figuring out what's green and what's greenwash, what's eco-friendly and what's ozone destoying can be downright dizzying." Thankfully I have Adria to turn to when I am confused, frustrated or completely lost when it comes to being environmentally friendly. I have purchased and lent out both "Ecoholic" and "Ecoholic Home" to countless friends and family members and each one of them had told me they would also be adding the resource to their home collection. Trust can't go wrong with these books!!

*My Cousin Michael With His Adoption Scrabook*

4) Animal Adoption certificates are my FAVOURITE gifts to GIVE and GET! Three years ago I made a scrapbook for myself and my three little cousins. Each year I adopt an animal for them which comes in certificate form along with tons of information, magnets and pictures explaining why their adopted animal is endangered. I also purchase stickers, glitter and markers for them to decorate around their certificate. I feel this is a great way to not only support a wonderful organization but it also educates my little cousins the importance of protecting our wildlife and giving back to the planet. In the past I have adopted Sea Turtles for them through the Caribbean Conservation Corporation, Manatees from Florida through Save The Manatees and have planted a tree in Costa Rica in their honour through Kids Saving The Rainforest. This year I have sent out a donation to Save Our SeaTurtles which will adopt and protect three Leatherback nests in their honour. (Shhhhh don't tell) Nothing makes me more happier than to see their faces light up when they realize which animal they have "saved" and can decorate on Christmas Eve! For myself, last year I recieved an adopted Canadian Marmot and this year I have asked for an adopted orangutan through the Orangutan Foundation International

So before you go out and complete you Christmas shopping this year be creative and think of ways you can put a smile on the face of a loved one and our planet at the same time!!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Great Month For Adoptions!

Last week was a busy week for adoptions! Not only was my rescue group extremely busy (we've had over 200 adoptions so far for the month of November) but three of my foster babies were also adopted into wonderful, loving homes!

Minnie & Harry were adopted together into an amazing home with no kids (yet) and lots of space to run and play. I had been helping this couple for three weeks trying to find their purr-fect cat. Originally they wanted an adult, declawed lap-cat because they knew it was harder for adults to get adopted unlike kittens, however, after much searching and talking to different foster homes they just couldn't find the right match. I then suggested they take a look at kittens whom they could help raise themselves and perhaps 'mold' into the lap cats they so desperately wanted. The super sweet couple came over to my house to meet my brood of babies and fell in love with Prince Harry and my feisty little calico Minnie! I was so happy that the two of them were going home together and the couple were ultra understanding regarding their kitten colds and vowed to nurse them back to health. Unfortunately all of my kittens had come down with an upper respiratory virus just like toddlers in a daycare but our adopters are so selfless and forgiving that they look past their watery eyes and sneezing and take them home anyways. I am happy to report that Minnie and Prince Harry, now renamed Daisy and Dash, are very happy, healthy and taking over their house!!!

*Prince Harry & William in the shelter before*

*Minnie before*

*Daisy and Dash in their new digs!!*

Prince Charlie also found his forever home with an amazing young couple who already had a 4 year old cat at home. They were looking for a fun, active and mischievious little boy for their home and Charlie definitely fit the bill! I warned the couple that their resident cat "Sydney" would not be too thrilled with this little brat taking over her territory and they laighed knowing it was the truth. Thankfully Sydney and Charlie, now re-named Jack, are slowly getting used to each other and Jack is having a great time playing with all his new toys!

*Charlie on death row*

*Now a happy, healthy and extremely lucky Jack!!*

I am so grateful to the adopters I had met last week and those that have come forward to rescue a stray, abandoned or home cat/kitten during this month. My co-workers/friends also adopted out their foster kittens which is just fantastic!! Over 200 for November is just incredible and has given so much room for more to be rescued and saved just in time for the holiday season! Lets hope my little Rocky will be next!!


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Preaching To The Choir

I know I am most likely preaching to the choir here, however, I do want to remind everyone to bring their reusable bags with them while shopping. It doesn't matter if you are purchasing many items while grocery shopping (as my dad is showing us here) or one thing at the your part and avoid plastic and throwaway bags! A little goes a long way! :0)


Now This Is Something I Can jam Too!

Thanks Jack Johnson!! We look forward to more mini-vids!


Monday, November 1, 2010

Tinkles (and a friend) Saved!

*Tinkles alive and safe!*

*So happy to be free!*

Last night I received the final "ok" that I was allowed to go to my local high-kill shelter and rescue the gorgeous little girl I saw being surrendered over a week ago. Thankfully the shelter staff knew I was trying to get her out so they didn't euthanize her the last three "vet days" and I am so thrilled to say she is now safe, warm and happy in a TCR foster home! Along with "Tinkles" I was able to rescue another little girl that has been on death row for the past two weeks. The shelter staff named her "Puggles" and she is such an affectionate kitten with the most stunning coat. Her markings are so unique and I know she will be adopted immediately once her two week quarantine period is up! I already received an update from her foster home tonight:

"Hi Nicole
Just wanted you to know that Puggles has settled in beautifully already. She is playful, affectionate, gentle and vocal. I think that she will do fine with my other cat and dogs as she is quite confideant. I can't wait until the two week quarantine is over! She has a wonderful temperment and I know fostering her will be so rewarding. I am thinking of a new name for her - something that is fitting for such a beautiful little girl with the auburn markings. I will let you know. Meeting her - I am astounded anyone could surrender such a loving kitten. Thanks for saving her - I will take wonderful care of her."


*I just LOVE her coat*

I am sorry I find it so amusing that foster homes thank ME when in reality I am forever indebted to THEM for saving these babies. Without foster homes there would be no rescue and no rescue means a lot more precious lives lost. I can sleep well tonight!!


Better Late Than Never!

This past August, while at downtown Toronto's annual CNE Exhibition, I came across a city sponsored "Water Bottle Refill Station". According to my friend, who works for the city of Toronto, almost every public event that takes place downtown has these stations set up to promote re-suable water bottles, our safe tap water and of course wean people off the plastic! I, amongst many others, took advantage of this 'station' and refilled my stainless steel water bottle, saved $4.00 (the cost of Dasani water at the CNE) and prevented yet another plastic water bottle from entering the landfill. I am very proud of my hometown for incorporating such a useful and future-forward idea in one of the greatest & greenest cities in the world! Thanks T.O!!!


Wednesday, October 27, 2010

OMG This Commercial Gave Me Goosebumps!

I just saw this commercial for the first time today and all I can saw is WOW! I hope this is just the beginning for the electric car. Thank you Nissan!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Yesterday A "Pet" - Today Behind Bars

I saw this baby being surrendered last Thursday at the high-kill animal shelter I rescue from. This was the first time I had witnessed something like that! I asked the young girl and her boyfriend if they exhausted all their options and explained that there wasn't much hope for their "pet"......they said they did and now this kitten is on death row. Unfortunately because this was an "owner surrender" the shelter does NOT have to keep her alive for the mandatory 72 hours as they do with strays (gives owners a chance to find their lost pet). I feel like for every cat/kiiten I save there are 10 surrendered. It just never ever ends and I can't help but feel frustrated and defeated. I will go downstairs and give my fosters a kiss and remind them how lucky they were.I hope a rescue group comes forward to rescue this precious baby that has no idea her hours are numbered.


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Dr.Fred Saving Gorilla Babies!

My friend Dr.Fred (whom I tracked gorillas with in Uganda) just released this video of himself with fellow Gorilla Doctor vets saving a baby mountain gorilla from a poachers snare in Uganda. Enjoy!! For more information about these everyday heros please click HERE

Thanks Dr. Fred!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Have Travel: Will Volunteer

*Welcome Sign*

This past August I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Cabo San Lucas Mexico with my mom for a one week relaxing getaway before work started again for the year. All-inclusive vacations are definitely NOT my first choice when it comes to traveling - I would much rather travel to a foreign country, rough it out in a small family-run motel/hotel and experience the culture first hand! However I knew how much my mom wanted to visit Cabo and as a bonus for me there turned out to be some pretty good scuba diving located not far from our hotel. As all my friends and family already know, whenever I travel I like to somehow support and volunteer for a local non-profit group that is trying to protect or conserve their countries local species and or animals. In this case I was pleasantly surprised to come across ASUPMATOMA which is a local sea turtle conservation group that works to protect the highly endangered green and leatherback sea turtles.

A little Bio from their website:

"The Association for the Protection of the Environment and the Marine Turtle in Southern Baja (ASUPMATOMA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the protection of the endangered sea turtles of Baja California Sur, Mexico, and the overall environmental sustainability of Los Cabos’ beautiful beaches, lands and surrounding communities. ASUPMATOMA was founded more than 18 years ago by RenĂ© Pinal, a prominent real estate investor and conservationist in Cabo San Lucas, along with a team of biologists and local residents to address the pressing environmental issues facing Los Cabos. In particular, the organization is a leading worldwide advocate of the preservation of the endangered sea turtles, which are now at risk of destruction in the Sea of Cortez region due to rapid land development, pollution, and illegal hunting and fishing practices."

*ASUPMATOMA's San Cristobal Education Centre*

A few weeks prior to traveling I emailed the organization and got in contact with Carla Sanchez a representative for ASUPMATOMA. We corresponded almost everyday until I flew out and she provided me with a wish list full of items that would really help many of the workers and volunteers who work countless hours (both day and night) to help my favourite animals. Aside from a $50 donation I was able to pack a duffle bag full of backpacks, 2 sleeping bags, office supplies, medical supplies (gloves and syringes) and antibacterial lotions. Even though there was much more on the wish list these were items that I had lying around in my basement, kitchen and my moms office so it worked out perfectly. Many of the items from my basement (the backpacks and sleeping bags) were things I had wanted to throw out at numerous times but something always held me back and now I know why!!! They were meant to donate to ASUPMATOMA!!! :0)

*My mom and I delivering donations for the workers and turtles*

Carla was such an amazing and inspiring person! I thought she would just pick up the items from our hotel but instead she insisted that she pick us up in her personal car and take us to the two locations that ASUPMATOMA works from (with her mini conservationist son Narok who was too cute for words!!). My mom and I first visited the property that Mr. Pinal purchased 18 years ago which consisted of a beautiful ranch house that hosts school groups and visitors to educate them on the importance of conservation and the risk to our environment (particularly sea turtle of course). This circular all-white "house" was just gorgeous and took me by surprise. I have visited many volunteer sites and this was by far the most impressive and esthetically pleasing. We were able to chat with the San-Cristobal staff/biologists and find out more information about poachers and their day-to-day duties. During the day, when they are not educating visitors and groups that come by, they help maintain the ATV equipment and house duties. At night at least one staff member hops on an ATV and patrols the beaches up and down searching for nesting turtles and re-locating their eggs to a hatchery.

*Absolutely priceless!! I never thought I would see my mom so adventurous!*

The second stopover was 10 minutes down the beach at a de-salination processing plant that allows ASUPMATOMA to keep an old bus on the beach. This bus has been turned into a mini camp that houses two full-time turtle protectors. The two young men sleep, cook and eat in this old VW bus that looks like it came right out of Woodstock! Even though the two workers are very isolated day in and day out, they spoke of their conservation work and how much they are dedicated to keeping the turtles and their eggs safe. After taking a tour of their little camp we all walked over to the hatchery and excavated three nests that were supposed to hatch the week prior. We expected to find eggs that had not developed at all, however, we were pleasantly surprised to see egg shells that were cracking with little baby turtles making their way out!! We were thrilled that all three nests were alive!! The little babies were just taking a little bit longer to make their way out of the nest. We quickly filled all three holes with sand and were told that the babies would be making their way to the surface within a few days!

*The worlds youngest nest excavator - Narok!!*

My mom and I had such a great time!! For me the memory of my mom on an ATV was priceless!! Unfortunately my mom didn't get to see any hatchlings but I was proud of her coming along, braving the windy beach and learning about what biologists, workers and volunteers do on a daily basis to keep sea turtles from going extinct! This was definitely the highlight during my trip to Cabo - an experience my mom and I will definitely never forget!

*Only 4 years old but already doing more for his planet than most adults!*

*Me excavating a nest to see what happened with the babies!?!*

To contact Carla please email her at: and matter where you travel or how commercialized the city might be please check the internet before leaving or ask some locals and find out what non-profit organizations are in that area who could use your help - even for a couple of hours! It will be greatly appreciated!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed

I am just so exhausted I don't even know why I am writing this blog when I should be going to bed........oh wait I know!! In 30 minutes I have to bottle feed my two little baby kittens "Rocky" & "Minnie", give them their antibiotics and apply their eye ointment. Last time you saw my youngest fosters they were jumping in and out of my Mickey Mouse slippers wrestling on my family room floor. Unfortunately now they are locked up in my bathroom fighting a terrible virus which has caused them a lot of sneezing and each has an eye that is completely red and closed. Last night I took them to the vet for the second time in the past week and he warned me that if their virus doesn't clear up soon they could go blind in their infected eyes. Needless to say I am going on little sleep and lots of stress. Last night I didn't eat dinner till 7:30pm and have been waking up an hour earlier to make sure I can take care of all their needs. I love these little guys so much and am doing everything possible to keep them happy, safe and on the road to recovery. Thankfully "Charlie", "William" and "Harry" are doing very well. With the exception of some very stinky and messy diarrhea that I am constantly cleaning up and treating with meds they are very active, playful and ready to go up for adoption very soon! On top of my rescues I am also babysitting my co-worker/friends foster kittens as she is on a business conference for a couple of days. I am feeling very overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel but tonight I was shown an updated photo of little "Bradley" now re-named "Oliver" in his forever home:

*"Bradley" aka "Oliver in his new/furr-ever home!*

*You might remember "Bradley" waiting in a high-kill shelter to be rescued*

This is why foster parents do what we do! I am up to my ears in wet food, litter, diarrhea, money and eye puss however in the end pictures like this make it all worth it! Anyways I must go back and tend to "Minnie" and "Rocky" and then its off to sleep!! Goodnight!


Sunday, October 10, 2010

*Love* My New Purse!!

I am not a big shopper unlike many of my friends! I often like to save my money for upcoming trips around the world and experiences that otherwise would be spent on countless shoes, Saturday night drinks or the lottery. However last week I came across the cutest purse at Style Sense which just happened to be VEGAN!! Purses are one the accessory that I do enjoy collecting and so far I did not have a redish bag at home so I figured why the heck not?? It wasn't expensive AND I was also supporting a company that took pride in their merchandise not containing any animal products whatsoever!! For more information about the company Urban Expressions please click HERE


Thursday, October 7, 2010

How I Spent My Sunday Afternoon!

On Thursday September 30th my co-worker/friend Shelley and I headed to our local high-kill animal shelter right after work. Shelley has fostered in the past for Toronto Cat Rescue however this would be her first time actually visiting the animal control. Shelley walked up and down the rows upon rows of unwanted, stray and abandoned cats and kittens who were literally pawing at us to take them out of their cages. As heart-wrenching as it was, Shelley chose a litter of 5 babies to take home with her. They were soooo cute and completely covered with wet kitten food smooched all over their little faces!

I already knew from the website who I would be rescuing that day. Three of them were 6 week old orange buff boys from separate litters but not safe from the next day which would end their life. I was ready to leave with my three babies when Penny, the vet tech at the shelter, said "Oh Nicole I just HAVE to show you these two little guys that came in today!!" Ughhhhh I should NOT have looked because once I peered through the metal bars I spotted two little pip-squeaks who wouldn't make it past the first "vet day".

*In my PJ's feeding "Minnie"*

Ahhhh what the heck is two more little babies!?!?!?! I knew right away these siblings would be a lot more work for me as they were about 3 weeks younger than the cream boys. Two teeny babies means LOTS of poop, food, more poop and bottle feeding. Thankfully they were eating soft/wet food in addition to the kitten-milk that I was supplementing them with so the bottle feedings were only happening a couple times a day - not every three hours!

*"Minnie" eating lunch*

*"Rocky" eating lunch*

It is definitely a lot of work :0( Between disinfecting the floors, cleaning the litter-box, warming kitten-milk, nursing them and then doing it all over again when I get home from work is very time consuming HOWEVER it is definitely worth the headaches! Knowing that these little monkeys are healthy, safe and happy makes it all worth it!! Its just like those Mastercard commercials.........somehow everything becomes "priceless"!

*"Minnie" & "Rocky" chilling in my slippers*

I wouldn't be a good foster mom if I didn't show off my other foster babies whom I rescued that same day!! All should be available for adoption in a couple of weeks!

*"William" & "Harry" awaiting rescue*

*And last but not least-"Charlie" my little sweetie*