Thursday, October 14, 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed

I am just so exhausted I don't even know why I am writing this blog when I should be going to bed........oh wait I know!! In 30 minutes I have to bottle feed my two little baby kittens "Rocky" & "Minnie", give them their antibiotics and apply their eye ointment. Last time you saw my youngest fosters they were jumping in and out of my Mickey Mouse slippers wrestling on my family room floor. Unfortunately now they are locked up in my bathroom fighting a terrible virus which has caused them a lot of sneezing and each has an eye that is completely red and closed. Last night I took them to the vet for the second time in the past week and he warned me that if their virus doesn't clear up soon they could go blind in their infected eyes. Needless to say I am going on little sleep and lots of stress. Last night I didn't eat dinner till 7:30pm and have been waking up an hour earlier to make sure I can take care of all their needs. I love these little guys so much and am doing everything possible to keep them happy, safe and on the road to recovery. Thankfully "Charlie", "William" and "Harry" are doing very well. With the exception of some very stinky and messy diarrhea that I am constantly cleaning up and treating with meds they are very active, playful and ready to go up for adoption very soon! On top of my rescues I am also babysitting my co-worker/friends foster kittens as she is on a business conference for a couple of days. I am feeling very overwhelmed and ready to throw in the towel but tonight I was shown an updated photo of little "Bradley" now re-named "Oliver" in his forever home:

*"Bradley" aka "Oliver in his new/furr-ever home!*

*You might remember "Bradley" waiting in a high-kill shelter to be rescued*

This is why foster parents do what we do! I am up to my ears in wet food, litter, diarrhea, money and eye puss however in the end pictures like this make it all worth it! Anyways I must go back and tend to "Minnie" and "Rocky" and then its off to sleep!! Goodnight!


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  1. Those were my 3 kittens Nicole was baby-sitting and one of them was under the weather too. I went away without the slightest doubt that my small charges were in the best hands. I understand what Nicole is writing about because I have been there too, no where near the degree of illness and threat, but worried and tired just the same. Two of the three little ones have just be adopted. Oh happy day! In the end watching them go out the door healthy and happy to their forever home makes it all worth-while. It was Nicole who got me into this and who has supported me through all of the unexpected tribulations and the joys. I have renamed Nicole, Aega; Greek goddess of animals.