Monday, October 25, 2010

Yesterday A "Pet" - Today Behind Bars

I saw this baby being surrendered last Thursday at the high-kill animal shelter I rescue from. This was the first time I had witnessed something like that! I asked the young girl and her boyfriend if they exhausted all their options and explained that there wasn't much hope for their "pet"......they said they did and now this kitten is on death row. Unfortunately because this was an "owner surrender" the shelter does NOT have to keep her alive for the mandatory 72 hours as they do with strays (gives owners a chance to find their lost pet). I feel like for every cat/kiiten I save there are 10 surrendered. It just never ever ends and I can't help but feel frustrated and defeated. I will go downstairs and give my fosters a kiss and remind them how lucky they were.I hope a rescue group comes forward to rescue this precious baby that has no idea her hours are numbered.


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