Monday, November 1, 2010

Tinkles (and a friend) Saved!

*Tinkles alive and safe!*

*So happy to be free!*

Last night I received the final "ok" that I was allowed to go to my local high-kill shelter and rescue the gorgeous little girl I saw being surrendered over a week ago. Thankfully the shelter staff knew I was trying to get her out so they didn't euthanize her the last three "vet days" and I am so thrilled to say she is now safe, warm and happy in a TCR foster home! Along with "Tinkles" I was able to rescue another little girl that has been on death row for the past two weeks. The shelter staff named her "Puggles" and she is such an affectionate kitten with the most stunning coat. Her markings are so unique and I know she will be adopted immediately once her two week quarantine period is up! I already received an update from her foster home tonight:

"Hi Nicole
Just wanted you to know that Puggles has settled in beautifully already. She is playful, affectionate, gentle and vocal. I think that she will do fine with my other cat and dogs as she is quite confideant. I can't wait until the two week quarantine is over! She has a wonderful temperment and I know fostering her will be so rewarding. I am thinking of a new name for her - something that is fitting for such a beautiful little girl with the auburn markings. I will let you know. Meeting her - I am astounded anyone could surrender such a loving kitten. Thanks for saving her - I will take wonderful care of her."


*I just LOVE her coat*

I am sorry I find it so amusing that foster homes thank ME when in reality I am forever indebted to THEM for saving these babies. Without foster homes there would be no rescue and no rescue means a lot more precious lives lost. I can sleep well tonight!!


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