Thursday, October 7, 2010

How I Spent My Sunday Afternoon!

On Thursday September 30th my co-worker/friend Shelley and I headed to our local high-kill animal shelter right after work. Shelley has fostered in the past for Toronto Cat Rescue however this would be her first time actually visiting the animal control. Shelley walked up and down the rows upon rows of unwanted, stray and abandoned cats and kittens who were literally pawing at us to take them out of their cages. As heart-wrenching as it was, Shelley chose a litter of 5 babies to take home with her. They were soooo cute and completely covered with wet kitten food smooched all over their little faces!

I already knew from the website who I would be rescuing that day. Three of them were 6 week old orange buff boys from separate litters but not safe from the next day which would end their life. I was ready to leave with my three babies when Penny, the vet tech at the shelter, said "Oh Nicole I just HAVE to show you these two little guys that came in today!!" Ughhhhh I should NOT have looked because once I peered through the metal bars I spotted two little pip-squeaks who wouldn't make it past the first "vet day".

*In my PJ's feeding "Minnie"*

Ahhhh what the heck is two more little babies!?!?!?! I knew right away these siblings would be a lot more work for me as they were about 3 weeks younger than the cream boys. Two teeny babies means LOTS of poop, food, more poop and bottle feeding. Thankfully they were eating soft/wet food in addition to the kitten-milk that I was supplementing them with so the bottle feedings were only happening a couple times a day - not every three hours!

*"Minnie" eating lunch*

*"Rocky" eating lunch*

It is definitely a lot of work :0( Between disinfecting the floors, cleaning the litter-box, warming kitten-milk, nursing them and then doing it all over again when I get home from work is very time consuming HOWEVER it is definitely worth the headaches! Knowing that these little monkeys are healthy, safe and happy makes it all worth it!! Its just like those Mastercard commercials.........somehow everything becomes "priceless"!

*"Minnie" & "Rocky" chilling in my slippers*

I wouldn't be a good foster mom if I didn't show off my other foster babies whom I rescued that same day!! All should be available for adoption in a couple of weeks!

*"William" & "Harry" awaiting rescue*

*And last but not least-"Charlie" my little sweetie*


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