Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Surrounded By Love..........

It never ceases to amaze me the incredible people that I am constantly surrounded by on a daily basis. This morning I received a voicemail from one of my closest friends Shelley and she informed me that she found a baby hawk that fell from its nest. She was very worried as its beak looked broken and the "mom" was flying around the houses going crazy. She didn't know what to do and was looking for advice. Unfortunately I was sick in bed all day with the flu and didn't get her message until this evening. When I went to message her on facebook this was what was waiting for me in my inbox:

"All is well. I took the wee bird to the Wildlife Centre. It was a pigeon - I was not saving its baby, I was stealing its dinner. For 5 seconds I felt like a fool. Then I said to the girl, a life is a life. She said, we love pigeons here, go down that hall. And there, through one way glass I saw, pigeons!, lots of recovering pigeons. Those of us, who understand this, understand this. I left them with $50; in thanks. She said to me, If you had brought us a mouse, or a rat, we would have taken it. Nicole, what wonderful work we do. I could not have picked up that bird today. I could not have coped, if it had not been for our kittens and you support and reassurance. Please cut and paste this into your blog. This is the most satisfying work I have ever done. Feel better, wonderful girl. Lots of love Shelley" *

*Not only is Shelley an avid animal lover, she is also an incredibly talented photographer*

Most people I know would probably laugh at this story, but for me and so many others out there, these are the stories that keep us going. Knowing that if and when we find an animal in need (no matter how big or small) there will be individuals on the other end, like the staff and volunteers at the Toronto Wildlife Centre, that will greet us with open arms!


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