Thursday, June 28, 2012

Moviegoers Help The Chimps!

Yet again, enthusiastic animal-loving conservationists showed up in high volumes for the first two weeks of Disney's Chimpanzee realize back in April.  Now that all the ticket sales have been counted, Disney and the Jane Goodall Institute have confirmed that close to 130,000 acres of prime habitat have been secured for the chimpanzees in Tchimpounga Nature Reserve in the Congo!!  

DisneyNature made the donation to JGI through the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund and not only will the donation secure space for the critically endangered chimpanzees but it will also go towards educating over 60,000 children in the Congo in regards to primate importance and then extended to their parents and neighbours ultimately reaching half of the Congo's population!!! WOWOWOW

The program will also provide food and medicine for nearly all the chimp orphans at Tchimpounga Sanctuary for the next year!  This is just such incredible news not only for the Jane Goodall Institute and Chimpanzees but also for wildlife around the world.  

We have come to a critical point in our planets history and with the world economies collapsing one by one, it is great to see an amazing organization such as Disney step up and give back to the planet and the wildlife that is suffering because of humans. 

So far no word on next years DisneyNature film but I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will have something to do with turtles!!!  Goodness knows they need our help too!!!



Monday, June 18, 2012

Bowl-A-Thon = Purrfect Success!

*Ready To Bowl!*

Toronto Cat Rescue’s 8th annual Bowl-a-thon was a great success! With the help of bowlers, pledgers and sponsors we raised $15,000 for the homesless cats and kittens of the Greater Toronto Area!
*Even the kids turned out for a purr-fect afternoon of fun!*

Over 140 bowlers came out for cats on Saturday May 26th. We would like to thank everyone involved as well as all of the TCR volunteers that gave up there time to help. Also, many thanks to Doug Hemmy who took photographs of the event. All of the photos can be seen
There were prizes for the top 12 highest pledge raisers with Nalini R. winning first place by raising $1,950!

*Volunteers and I helped hand out vegetarian & vegan pizza for all the participants!*

TCR want to thank everyone that donated prizes for the Bowl-a-thon including:

• Arbonne Independent Consultant Sarah Dineen. .
• Rainbow Cinemas.
• Lucky Strike Bowling.
• Corso Shoes
• Sue Namedof 
• Connie and Dieter Manero 
• Liz Cabral
• and Sue Gambacorta who handcrafts Swarovski Crystal jewellery with profits going to TCR. You can see her jewellery here:  

The 9th annual Toronto Cat Rescue Bowl-a-thon is scheduled for Saturday May 25th 2013 so keep bowling and start you pledges early this year!!


Thursday, June 14, 2012

This Should Be Posted In Every Classroom & Office!

My friend and co-worker, who is an English high school teacher, shared this very informative chart with me this afternoon.  It is a great way to show everyone, kids and adults alike, how long it actually takes for different items to break down!! Can you imagine 550 years for a disposable diaper and 600 years for a fishing line!!!  This is so scary and in my opinion it is something EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE!!! Print this chart out now and post it in your office, classroom, local store and even your refrigerator just to get the message out and get people thinking long-term instead of always in the moment!! 


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A True Rescue Story!!

Surfeara is a beautiful little white cat who had a rough life before being rescued by my friend and co-worker Sherry! Surfeara was abandoned and neglected within her own home. Locked in the basement by herself, she was left by her family day in and day out. A few of our volunteers found out the kind of miserable life this poor cat was living and offered to take her from the family. It was good timing as the family was planning on taking a vacation and leaving her alone without anyone to care for her. When she was rescued, she went straight to the vet to be spayed and it was discovered she had an infection!! 

She is lucky she was rescued as this infection surely would have gone untreated. Now safe in a TCR foster home, she has taken some time to understand that her foster family is loving and caring. She now comes out of hiding regularly and has started to trust her caregivers. She comes when she is called and is loving and affectionate. She is just learning how to play again. Surfeara is a true rescue story. Without the help of some caring volunteers, she would still be stuck in a basement with no one caring for her. She would do well in a home with patient adults. Surfeara is a lovely little girl who is   ready for her second chance.

Please contact for more information!!


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Saving Manatee's Abroad!

           It’s another day in paradise. Paradise Island in the Bahamas that is. With the support of Save the Manatee Club (SMC), a female manatee, Rita, and her calf, Georgie, were released back into the wildon April 19, 2012, after spending several months at Dolphin Cay-Atlantis on Paradise Island.
Rita, a female manatee, and her newborn calf, Georgie.
Rita gave birth to Georgie, a female, in June 2010. 
Rita’s story in the Bahamas began in November 2009, when she was first spotted in the Spanish Wells Harbor in North Eleuthera. A photograph of the distinctive scar pattern on her back was given to the U.S. Geological Survey’s Sirenia Project (USGS). Researchers there identified her as Rita, a manatee who had been sighted in south Florida since February 1988. Based on previous sightings between 1988 and 2008, Rita had given birth to at least seven calves. Once Rita was sighted in the Bahamas in November 2009, marine mammal care staff from Dolphin Cay-Atlantis conducted a health assessment and determined that Rita was pregnant yet again. Rita gave birth to a female calf named Georgie in June 2010, and she and Georgie remained in the area around Spanish Wells Harbor until Hurricane Irene hit in August 2011.

          Once it was clear the the manatees were healthy, plans to return them to the wild at a safer location were initiated. Several organizations were involved in this process, including the Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization (BMMRO), the Bahamas Department of Marine Resources (BDMR), Dolphin Cay-Atlantis, the USGS Sirenia Project, and Save the Manatee Club. It was decided that the best place to release Rita and Georgie was in Great Harbor Cay in the Berry Islands, where a group of manatees already resided. Both Rita and Georgie were fitted with GPS tracking devices before being released so that researchers can follow their movements and relocate them if they venture into unsafe habitat.

Rita and Georgie are released at Great Harbour Cay in the Berry Islands, where several manatees are known to reside

               Historically, manatee sightings in the Bahamas have been few and far between, and it was thought that the lack of freshwater sources has limited manatee population growth in the area. However, in the past few decades, the number of manatees reported in the Bahamas has been increasing. For this reason, the BMMRO began conducting research on the manatees in Great Harbour Cay 13 years ago. By attaching tracking equipment to Rita and Georgie, researchers will be able to study the habitats used by manatees in the Bahamas and will gain insights into where manatees find food and fresh water. By following the movements of these two manatees, field researchers should also have opportunities to photograph and identify other manatees in the Bahamas population and determine their gender and reproductive status. The information gained through these studies will help researchers better determine how to manage the manatee population in the Bahamas. 

             In addition to research efforts, the BMMRO also works to educate the local community about manatees through school presentations and reaching out to the boating community. They will be releasing a short five-minute educational video about manatees in the Bahamas later this year. 

            There are several organizations that contributed to this successful release and monitoring project. The Bahamas Department of Marine Resources, Bahamas Marine Mammal Research Organization, Dolphin-Cay Atlantis, and USGS Sirena Project were all heavily involved in the capture, care, and release of Rita and Georgie. To assist in the release and monitoring of Rita and Georgie, Save the Manatee Club provided substantial financial support to BMMRO and the USGS to help cover the cost of the transport vessel, monitoring vessel and fuel, a GoPro camera, an adult and calf belt/tether for the radio tag, GPS tag batteries, and software. In addition, we contributed educational materials to help BMMRO with their outreach efforts. This included several of our new manatee awareness dock signs. A big thank you to our Save the Manatee Club members, who made this contribution possible!

By Courtney Edwards
Staff Biologist, Save the Manatee Club

Sunday, June 3, 2012

How Cute Is This!?!?!

I wonder if singer Carly Rae Jepsen knew she would have an impact on homeless animals!?!?