Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ya Mon!! Deborah Saves Again!!!

When you work in animal welfare, you have to try hard to keep your sense of humour. Deborah with Jamaica Community Animal Welfare makes sure those at Animal-Kind-International keep theirs!!

Deborah sent AKI these pictures and the background story. Yes, that is Deborah in the purple shirt. And yes, she rescued that dog!

Black Dog: Ok Deb you got her, now pull!
Me: Can you help? She's heavy
Black Dog:, cause I don't have any hands!
Me: Well with all the food I give you every week couldn't you at least try?
Black dog:
Me: She's slipppping....
Black Dog: Ok, here grab my paw! But it'll cost you an extra bowl of food.
Me: Ok, deal
Me: Ok she's up! I got her!
Black Dog: Great!I know you're gonna give her all the food, so can I get mine first?

So tonight another homeless dog is safe, well-fed and loved because one of the most selfless and dedicated animal-warriors in Jamaica has done what many people would never do and that is to save an animals life. For more information about Deborah and her organization or to donate towards her and Animal-Kind Internationals rescue efforts please click HERE

xoxox Nicole

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