Monday, December 20, 2010

Load Up On Fruit & Veggies Minus The Plastic!!

My family and I have been using Credo Bags for almost two years now and we absolutely LOVE them! We love fruits and veggies in our house but it was always so frustrating for my dad and I to make those heart healthy choices while having no option other than use those petroleum based mini produce bags to package it all in! Thankfully two years ago my best friend Kristina and I came across Credo Bags at The Green Living Show in Toronto. We immediately picked some up for ourselves and family to give away as gifts. The re-usable produce bags are extremely lightweight, made from organic cotton and very future friendly. There is hardly a week that doesn't go by when I am asked at the grocery store where I got the bags and how I like them. Hopefully in the near future people will be forgoing the produce bags in Toronto as they have been the larger plastic bags for groceries and purchases. The Credo Bags company isn't limited to produce bags. They also carry bags for bulk, baguettes, wine and snacks.


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