Friday, December 18, 2009

Money Is In & Donations Received!!

Well after four very long and hectic weeks my stainless steel water bottle campaign is officially over as I retuned the unsold bottles to warehouse today! Overall it was a very succesful campaign and I could not be happier with the hundreds of dollars that have been raised for various conservation and environmental charities!! At the high school I work at we sold 48 bottles and raised $140.00 CAD!!! We are all so proud of ourselves and I was so impressed at the amount of students who forked over their hard earned money to buy something that would help the planet! The Green Team and I met Wednesday afterschool and we decided to divide and donate the money as following:

The first thing we wanted to donate to was an organization that helps protect and reforest the rainforest! After a lot of research we have chosen to donate $25.00 USD to the The Rainforest Trust which works to protect the rainforest and magnificent jaguars Brazil!! We hope our money will help them to buy much needed land which will otherwise be sold to farmers for cattle ranches and/or logging companies.

Protecting our native Canadian wildlife is also very important for us that is why we decided to donate $25.00 CAD to the Canadian Marmot Foundation which helps to restore the critically endangered marmot population on Vancouver Island. With only 100 remaining in the wild only a few years ago the foundation has made great strides in helping to save these adorable creatures! We are very proud to help them out again this year!!

Everyone knows that Sea Turtles are some of my favourite animals so its no surprise that my students decided to donate to a foundation that helps preserve and protect them!! This time we decided to donate $25.00 USD to WIDECAST - The Wider Caribbean Sea Turtle Conservation Network which has various projects on many different islands and countries!

Last but not least we chose the Orangutan Foundation through to give our final donation to. We were able to put together $30.00USD to support these amazing apes that are very endangered due to habitat loss and poaching. Who can resist these little red apes! We must do everything we can to protect them and their habitat now!!!


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