Sunday, December 13, 2009

Climate Change Rally & Vigil

Last night I attended my very first climate change rally and candlelight vigil and had a great time!! I first arrived at the Earth Sciences U of T building at about 3:30. I was happy to see many different individuals from all ages and races sitting in the auditorium. On the big screen on the stage was a live feed from Copenhagen featuring Canadian activists from Greenpeace and other organizations who were attending the events and rallies that were currently taken place in Denmark. Unfortunately all of the activists and speakers were not happy with the talks that were being said and they expressed concern regarding Stephen Harpers (Canada's Prime Minister) stance on climate change. He is said to not be taking a serious position on this very important cause and is not setting a proper example for the developing world. Fortunately Australia and Japan have stepped forward and have set higher standards for themselves as developed Nations. They have set their own emission caps above and beyond what the current Kyoto Protocol calls for.

During the 3 hour rally we were treated to guest speakers from EcoSanity, Greenpeace, The Toronto Climate Campaign and music!! One of my favourite moments from the event was when members from came out dressed in red bras and sang a climate change anthem! It really got the crowd going and we all joined in signing along.

After the rally we all headed out with candles and banners to march toward Queens Park singing "Copenhagen Carols" and chanting different slogans! We got some great supportive honks and cheers!

(thats me in the hate holding the "green jobs now" sign)

The candlelight vigil was very inspiring especially after learning that there were over 300 events taking palace around the planet at the same time. We all took a 350 second moment of silence to commemorate the safe amount of carbon dioxide scientists say is allowable for our planet.

As you can see it was an awesome turnout and I am so thankful to everyone who organized this wonderful and very important event!!


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