Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Meaningful Gifts!

*Christmas morning with my Caribbean Conservation Corp. gifts*

During this Christmas I was able to give and receive some very meaningful gifts that were not only heartfelt but also would help save the planet! Take a look at some of the various gifts that gave back to conservation organizations!

*Michael colouring his Mono Titi*

For Christmas, I gave my three little cousins adopted animals that they could put into the scrapbook I made for them last year. In the past I had given them sea turtles and manatees but this year I decided to adopt a tree for the mono titi's in Costa Rica through Kids Saving The Rainforest. My cousins received a certificate of adoption for their tree as well as a picture of the critically endangered Mono Titi monkey for the region of Manuel Antonio. The kids really enjoyed putting the certificates into their scrapbook as well as decorating the pages with the stickers and markers I provided. There are now two more trees in CR in honour of these two little human monkeys!

*My godson Nicholas with his scrapbook*

*Michael proud of his accomplishments!!*

Christmas morning I also received an adopted Marmot through the Vancouver Island Marmot Foundation which helps to save Canada's most critically endangered specie. My cousins Paul and Maria also adopted a baby gorilla for me through the Dian Fossey Gorilla Foundation! These were amongst some of my favourite gifts this Christmas!!



  1. How impressive...gifts that give! Wonderful!!!

  2. Thanks Wendy! The gifts were truly great they were definitely some of my favourite for the year!! I appreciate your message Wendy! :0)