Thursday, November 19, 2009

A Very Exciting Story From My Friend..............

"Well, it's been somewhat of a crazy week. Just to bring everyone up to date .... Ted Davidson from Kingston flew back to Greece on Monday, Nov 9th to look for a dog he formed a bond with back in September. This dog, who he named 'Thena', was not doing well on the streets as she's very timid and is stressed 24/7 by all that's going on around her. But, although very timid, Ted was able to befriend her for a very short time and she obviously touched him deeply. He didn't see her for a couple of days but in the very early morning when he was leaving for home, he spotted her hiding behind a bench. She looked as if she'd been hit by a car with her front leg injured and a few other scrapes. She let Ted sit beside her and pat her and put out her leg to him, as if asking for his help. The whole time she was trembling. It broke his heart but he had to leave.

Jump forward to November ........ Ted approached Tails from Greece Rescue to see how he could get back to find Thena. Even though I told him it would be very expensive and he may not even find her, as the dogs move to new areas once the people go away, he was persistent. So, Vana from the KAZ Shelter (the main shelter I rehome dogs for) met Ted on arrival at the Athens airport on Tuesday morning and they drove the +2hr drive to Loutraki and got him checked into a hotel. No sign of Thena until Thursday, the 12th. Ted was very disappointed not to have sighted her and wehn he finally did, unfortunately 5 male dogs wouldn't let them near her as she was in heat.

They had to give up. But, while pursuing Thena's rescue another stray dog befriended Ted and he decided to slip a collar on her. Fifi, the President of KAZ, drove to Loutraki to pick Ted and Thena II up and take them to the KAZ Shelter where they would have this dog vetted and prepared for travel with Ted on Wednesday, the 18th.

Thena II was not well; her white blood cells were high and she had a fever. Ted must have been wondering what he'd got himself into by this time but he didn't flinch and has been so comforting to Thena II during her treatment of antibiotics and IV fluids etc. He had his wife Peggy reschedule his return flight home for this Sunday, the 22nd as she needed time to get well before travelling. It was a tough few days for everyone but this morning she was much better. Vana said it was so cute .... Thena II was sleeping on the bed wrapped in a fleece coat and Ted was sitting at the foot of the bed reading his book!

Now, on Thursday, the 19th, Ted and Vana will go back to Loutraki to look for Thena I again, with the help of the man who feeds the strays. The Greek media (Skai TV) will be following them during their search. Poor Ted isn't too thrilled about all the media attention this has generated as he's a very quiet man.

If they're so lucky to get Thena I this time, she'll go back to the KAZ Shelter and be fully vetted to receive any vet care she might need before joining Ted's family here. And, here's hoping that Thena II keeps getting better between now and Sunday so she can travel with Ted. As well, Victoria, another dog from KAZ will be travelling with Ted to join her new family. And, although it's been very disappointing not to catch Thena I yet, she's actually made a difference to two other stray dogs --- Thena II would have died from her infection not being treated and Victoria gets to come to her new family without too much expense to the KAZ Shelter as she's travelling on Ted's ticket too, not as straight cargo (far more expensive). I've also attached a copy of some media attention we received."

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    I`m Tolis from Greece. I would like desperate to contact to Mr Ted Davidson! Is there a personal email to write to him ?

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