Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sustainable Gifts!

Now that I am 25, I am noticing that many of my friends are now getting married and moving into their own houses. I am so happy for them all but of course I can't help but wonder how many un-environmentally friendly and useless gifts they are going to receive for house warming parties, wedding showers and birthdays. I can't change everyones views but of course when it comes to my gift giving I feel as though I can make a difference. My best friend for 21 years, Melissa, had just moved into her new beautiful home with her fiancee Ryan. Rather than going out to Pier One or Home Outfitters and purchasing an item or two that they may hate and stow away in the basement or won't even go with their decor I decided to put together an eco-friendly gift basket full of essential items that they would need to buy and use regardless if they received them as gifts.

I decided to purchase a basket that was the same colour as her floors (espresso). I knew she could re-use it in a bathroom and fill it with rolled-up towels. I then filled the basket with the following:

Two 3x Concentrated Liquid Laundry Detergent by Nature Clean
One Fabric Softener by Nature Clean
Two Hand Washes By Method (one gel and one foaming)
One Toilet Bowl Cleaner by Green Works
One OMOP Wood Floor Care Kit By Method
And of course a bottle of wine to drink!!

I am proud of the basket I put together! I think it looked really cute, had no additional packaging/wrapping, it was full of useful/environmentally friendly products and also supported companies who really care about the planet. I hope this post inspires others to think about the gifts they purchase and that every-time we buy something we are voting for that product!



  1. Very nice! Who would not want a lovely gift like that?

  2. Thank you very much Wendy I appreciate your comment!! I am glad you liked it!! :0)