Tuesday, November 10, 2009

No Chance At All......


I feel for ALL the cats that are stuck behind bars at the Hamilton Animal Control but nothing gets me more upset than to see babies, some just 4 weeks old, that will NEVER have a chance at life simply because people did not spay and neuter their cats. It isn't fair!! It just isn't fair that these little angels have never known what it feels like to be in a warm home, cuddled on a bed or simply get a pat on the back. For example, here are Fonzy and Huckleberry who are waiting on a cold stainless steel cage. They do not know that Thursday night will be their last sleep and Friday morning will bring them death.


If by some miracle Windsor, Big Ben and Chelsea get adopted by Thursday night I will run out Friday morning and rescue these babies. In the meantime I pray a foster home or rescuer will come forward and save these two as soon as possible!


  1. I'm shocked. I didn't realize that kittens got put down. I've always adopted from the Humane Society and they said that kittens are always adopted. I

  2. I know its absolutely horrible! It doesn't happen too often because kittens are so popular however I rescue from a city pound that has completely stopped ALL adoptions because they "weren't making enough money off of adoptions"!! Therefore all cats and kittens get a 72 hour grace period allowing them a chance to be picked up by their owners (that is if they were found as a stray) after the 72 hours they are either resued by foster parents like me or euthanized. Its so sad and I wish people would just spay and neuter their pets!!