Monday, November 9, 2009

Feeling Frustrated!

I felt so frustrated walking around my work/schools cafeteria today during my lunch's supervision. Everywhere I looked there were teens drinking from or holding plastic water bottles. If that wasn't enough, maybe only one out of ten actually recycled the bottle......the rest simply threw it in the garbage without any thought. Of course me being the eco-freaka that I am, instead of glaring at them I would run over and explain that if they do have a plastic water bottle they should be recycling and an even better option would be to purchase a stainless steel bottle and filling it up with "free" safe and clean tap water!! Well I am sure this little talked = big embarrassment!! Hahaha oh well what can I do!?! I HAVE to help educate these kids on being more environmentally friendly. Thankfully I am very well liked at the school by all the students as I am seen as "cool" by them given my age, taste in music and nothing ever really gets me mad. They all keep me laughing all day long! I even had some naughty students come up to me last week bragging to me that they were going to throw 1000 balloons into the ocean to kill all my precious leatherbacks! Instead of getting angry I actually felt proud that I had gotten through to them in regards to sea turtles being killed by plastic and garbage floating in the ocean! Obviously I knew they were totally joking and trying to get my attention and these fifteen year old boys wouldn't harm a mouse!

In response to the amount of plastic bottles that are still being used, my high schools Green Team and I will be selling stainless steel bottles again this year just in time for the holidays!! We will be teaming up again with OneBottle which is a fantastic company based in Toronto dedicated to eliminating plastic bottles in out fantastic city! They personally donate $1 from each bottle sold to the World Wildlife Fund and my Green Team donates all profits to various environmental and conservation charities around the world! Last year we donated over $400 to Orangutans, Gorillas, Marmots and of course Sea Turtles!!!

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  1. You sure are liked! Great job spreading the word, all of the kids need to know how important it is to recycle.