Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A New Look!

One of my FAVOURITE organizations, Animal-Kind International, has just completely re-vamped their website and I wanted to give them the credit for it on my blog. I think it looks just fantastic! Animal-Kind International is run by an amazing women - Karen Menczer who wanted to make a difference for abused, neglected and dying animals from around the world. Through her non-profit and completely volunteer run organization, she supports nine animal welfare groups and shelters throughout the world. All of the shelters she supports are located in impoverished and high-poverty countries such as Botswana, Armenia, Honduras and Bosnia (to name a few). I am looking forward to visiting the Ugandan shelter and deliver supplies, toys, leashes and food when I travel to the country in July 2010. I am also hoping that I will have a few days to volunteer at the shelter and relieve the staff a bit. Please visit the Animal-Kind International website and support a wonderful organization that is in need of all the support they can get! Please read "Hope's" story it will melt your heart!


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