Sunday, June 26, 2011

"One Man's Junk Is Another Man's Treasure........."

Well that quote sure turned out to be true because my charity garage sale raised a whopping $485.50 for one of my favorite organizations:
Animal-Kind International - and that's almost $200 MORE than I raised last summer!!! Even though it was a lot of organizing, cleaning and back breaking work I cannot even take half of the credit because without the donations from my amazing family and friends not even a penny would have been raised!!

A HUGE THANKS goes out to:

- My cousin Maria S. who donated an amazing Peg Perego stroller which brought in $50!

- My co-worker Sherry B. who donated a ton of BIG items including a couch ($50), futon ($20) and a lot of miscellaneous items which probably totaled an additional $50!!

- Lisa A. (an incredible animal activist) brought in $50 with an awesome elliptical machine and some cute Christmas items which my neighbor purchased!

- Kelly B. (my partner in crime re: animal welfare) donated so many great books, glassware and mugs!

- My wonderful neighbors Vern, Dale and Rachel donated a ton of kids books ($$$), two car seats ($18), an air pump ($15), motorized Disney car ($10) and lot of other outdoor toys ($$) :0)

- Last but definitely NOT least, the incredible duo Arlene and Charlotte (who are always sooooo supportive of my crazy charity initiatives!) brought over some awesome kid games, an ice-cream maker, Barbies and stuffed animals! WOO HOO!

I couldn't sign off without thanking Wesley, Sheena, Kristina, Serena, Michael & Chantelle and Pat who also donated some great items which helped me raise almost $500!

All of the money raised will be sent to various animal shelters and havens in 3rd world countries that are working tirelessly to improve the living conditions of dogs and cats that have no where else to turn. Also, because AKI has no overhead, 100% of my donation will go directly to helping the animals AND I can choose how the money is spent (ie: spay & neuters, de-worming meds, education, food etc)

Please visit again next week to see how the $485.50 was spent!!! :)



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