Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Busy Busy Non-Stop!

Phewwww! I am finally taking a little breather and sitting down for once this week! It seems like the days are flying by so quickly and my charity garage sale benefiting Animal-Kind International is now just a couple days away! The donations are really coming in now and I have so many great things to sell. A huge THANK YOU to all of my wonderful friends, neighbours, co-workers and family members who have contributed. Last year I was able to raise $350 for AKI and I am really hoping for $500 this year. So far I have some great outdoor kid toys, a patio set, baby stroller (thanks Maria), amazing shoes (thanks Serena), great glass wear and very readable books (thank you Kelly!) My garage is already full and I have more arriving tomorrow :)

*My garage sale from last year*

I actually have been telling myself "Nicole, you need to SELL these things NOT buy them for yourself! hahaha but there are some really great books I want to read. I guess I will just have to put them on hold at my library!

In between picking up donations after a hard day of pulling exams, I was able to have an ice cappuccino with an amazing woman last night! Her name is Kelly and apart from donating some great items and books for my garage sale she also does tons of volunteering for Toronto Cat Rescue, Forever Home Cat Rescue and Toronto Wildlife Centre. She does some amazing work and is always in her car picking up and delivering little furr-babies whether it be some sick kittens or an injured hawk!! It was great sitting down and having a conversation with someone who understands what we volunteers go through and some of the frustrations involved with rescuing animals. What should have been a quick coffee and hello turned into almost two hours at Tim Hortons!! I am not complaining though - I can't wait to do it again and be able to vent all of my frustrations to someone who understands!! hehe THANKS KELLY!!

I also rescued some gorgeous young adults from the high volume shelter yesterday right after work. Getting adults out during the summer is such a treat as there are sooooo many cute highly adoptable kittens that are there as well. All three girls were very sick unfortunately with an upper respiratory illness (cat cold) but I took them straight to the vet where they received antibiotics, fluids and were spayed today! Tonight they are resting comfortably in their foster homes and will be available for adoption in a couple of weeks through Toronto Cat Rescue!! THANKS TCR!!!

The three lovely ladies were:

*The beautiful Bridgette - who's pic does her NO justice whatsoever!*

*The skinny yet lovable Camelia*

*Jessa the regal princess*

Ok I am off to bed - too exhausted to write anymore!


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