Saturday, June 4, 2011

Demi & Ashton Tweet Puppy Mill Horrors!!

Demi and Ashton took a stand against puppy mills yesterday while tweeting this picture to their millions of fans: put up this billboard in Los Angeles this week to urge the power couple and their fans to stand up and do something about puppy mills. I am always telling my students the cruelty that takes place in these factory farms that are producing the millions of puppies and kittens that we see pouting at us from behind pet store windows. I can only hope that Dmei and Ashton will continue to speak up about this issue and hopefully bring as much attention to this issue as Oprah and Lisa Ling did back in 2008!!

*An incredible video I found online protesting Barkworks & puppy mills in LA*

Five minutes after this photo was taken, this puppy died. He never knew what it was like to live in a house or to be loved by a family. Rescued from a row of rabbit hutches, "Tommy" was one of seventy Bulldogs living outside in temperatures below 20 degrees. Upon arriving at our shelter, we noticed Tommy was lethargic and had difficulty breathing. Medical tests confirmed our worst fears - that Tommy had a serious heart defect, most likely inherited from his parents and caused by indiscriminate breeding. He was already in heart failure when the breeder gave him up. Every day shelters across the country receive complaints from consumers who purchase sick puppies over the Internet, or from pet stores, or directly from backyard breeders. The stories are always the same - "we didn't know it was a puppy mill," "we wanted to rescue the puppy because the place was so filthy," and "if we knew then what we know now, we would have been more careful." Tommy's brothers and sisters were sold over the Internet to unsuspecting families. We wonder to this day if any of them are acting lethargic or having trouble breathing, or are their families devastated by the death of a new pet.

Please do your part too!! Volunteer for an animal rescue group, adopt from your local animal shelter and most importantly spread the word: "Don't Shop Or Buy While Homeless Animals Die!!!"


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