Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What A Month!

Holy Moly!!! I have been sooooo busy these last few weeks due to mostly Earth Day related events! There have been so many great activities taking place at my school and in and around Toronto!

On Tuesday April 21st, as a part of Earth Week, we had a guest speaker trained by Al Gore to come over to my high school and talk to our Grade 9 & 10 students about Climate Change. Even though it was full of charts and pie graphs I really hope the simple message that we can make a difference but we don't have much time left!

*Climate Change Presentation*

The following day my Green Team had the opportunity to go to our local park and plant trees as a part of the Credit Valley Youth Corps Spring Planting. While at the park we planted over 100 trees and played games regarding global warming. The students all had a wonderful time and even earned volunteer hours for their time! We had so much fun and look forward to doing it again this coming Fall.

*One Tree At A Time!*

*Hard At Work!*

*The Hill We Planted On*

After a very good nights sleep we were all back at school to celebrate Earth Day! April 22nd was wonderful for all of us! We played Michael Jacksons "Earth Song" over the morning announcements and during all three lunch periods the Green Team had a bake sale which was very successful! We all baked cupcakes, banana bread, chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon buns and brownies! By the end of the day we had raised $140.00CAD which we will be sending to Rwanda's Art of Conservation - a wonderful organization that educates children who live around Volcanos National Park about why the gorillas are so important and why they need to protect them through painting, drawing and just having fun!!

I love them all soooooo much! How cute are they!?!? I am so happy we were able to raise money for the children and support gorilla conservation at the same time!!


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