Friday, April 2, 2010

Italian Bliss

This past March I had the opportunity to visit Rome and Venice while off work for March Break. Throughout my travels I took some pictures of eco-friendly things that I have yet to see in North America! Check them out.........

Energy Conservation - In order to turn on any lights and the TV in our hotel room we were required to place the key in a special slot to activate the electricity. We were only given one key, therefore no lights could be left on when we left the room and/or the hotel! Smart thinking!!

Water Conservation - When going to the washroom you had the option of pushing one of two buttons! One side to push was for little messes and the other side to push was for big messes!! HAHAHAH very very cool!

Public Transportation - While touring both Rome and Venice we opted to take public transportation and walk rather than use expensive and polluting taxis! We had so much fun seeing all the sights via tram, double-decker buses and the Venice Vaporetto! (Public water taxi) We also kept our consumption to a minimum by filling our stainless steel water bottles from the hotel taps and only purchased souvenirs that were made locally by Italian residents (NO CHINA!) hahahah We had so much fun, the people were great and the scenery bella! Viva Italia - I can't wait to go back!
*On the Venetian Vaporetto!*


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