Monday, April 5, 2010

Wal-Mart Helping The Planet?

Wal-Mart is hopping on the Green Bus and lets hope it never gets off! I just got the Wal-Mart flyer this weekend at my house and while flipping through I noticed a little blurb in the corner of its eco-friendly friendly pages (where it advertises products that don't harm or help the environment) and it said that as of April 22nd they will begin charging 5 cents per plastic bag! On top of that great news whatever proceeds they make from the sales of the bags will be used by Wal-Mart Canada to fund future Rollbacks on their "Green" products. I know many of you are saying that Wal-Mart is already a huge environmental disaster in terms their "Superstores", the products they do sell and the fact that they take away from much smaller family run businesses, however, I do feel like they are an industry leader and this will lead way for other large companies to follow in their direction. I would have loved to see the proceeds donated to environmental and conservation charities however I do feel that this may make more expensive "Green" products as competitive as the toxic and very well-known brands such as "TIDE", "Mr. Clean" and "Sunlight". This new edge will gives families a better option at choosing green rather than just purchasing a product based on price!


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