Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day 2011!!!

Happy Earth Day everyone! I hope you take this day and reflect upon the things you have done to help our precious planet and its eco-system during this past year. Also, think of the various ways you can step up your game and make an even bigger difference for the rest of 2011 and 2012. Whether it be volunteering, buying local produce, taking less vacations or purchasing a hybrid car there are always new and inventive ways to make an even bigger difference then you already have been doing!

Today I will be celebrating Earth Day and Good Friday together with my family and enjoying a vegetarian meal together! :0)

Tomorrow I will be heading down to Hamilton Ontario to participate in their Earth Day Ontario Tree Planting ceremony which I have been attending for the past four years. Hamilton has come around full circle for environmentalists. A decade ago the city was only known for its Steel production and now we are seeing the return of the Bald Eagle for the first time in 50 years!!
* A bald eagle sits in a tree at Cootes Paradise along Hamilton's Lake Ontario shore. Two bald eagles are nesting in a tall pine and may be making babies, which could be the first homegrown bald eagles on the north shore of Lake Ontario in 50 years *

Don't forget that Disney's African Cats debuts this weekend across theatres in North America. Money from each ticket sold during the opening will be donated to Save The Savannah. I Can't wait to see the documentary tomorrow night - reviews have been awesome so far!!!

Last but not least, if you are looking to purchase an Earth Day present for your best bud or significant other and don't have time to get out to the movies this weekend then I would definitely suggest Emily Hunter's new book "THE NEXT ECO WARRIORS". This incredible book written by one of the planets loudest and proudest warrior's features 20 young women and men who are dedicating their lives to protecting and saving our environment! I had the pleasure of meeting Emily for the second time at this years Green Living Show and was able to purchase the book directly from her which was such a treat!!

*Eco princess Emily Hunter and I at Toronto's Green Living Show*

Thank you everyone who reads my blog on a daily basis! I appreciate all of your feedback and suggestions. Have a wonderful Earth Day and lets make this summer one to remember for all wildlife and green spaces!!!


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