Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Earth Day Tree Hamilton 2011

*Brian, Jessie, Stacey, Tatiana and me!*

Earth Day Hamilton 2011 was a huge success just as it has been every year! The muddy earth didn't keep the greenies away from planting trees, participating in activities and getting their hands dirty. Over 2000 trees were planted on April 23rd in Hamiton Ontario and the best part was that there were so many young families and students who showed up to help! I met up with some of my College besties whom I hadn't seen in months - it is always such a win/win reunion! We get to hang out, laugh like crazy while planting trees and helping the environment. I couldn't ask for a better day!!

*Hundreds of volunteers gathered to help their community*

*My first tree planting of 2011*

*The area we planted in for the last two years - the sapplings are growwwwiinngg!*


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