Monday, April 18, 2011

The Gift That Keeps On Giving hahaha

*Melissa and her hubby Ryan*
One of my best buddies, Melissa, celebrated her 27th (ahhhhhh) birthday this past Sunday and of course I wanted to get her a meaningful gift! Now what could be more meaningful than a gift that you can re-use each month, lasts 12 years, saves you hundreds of dollars a year and is environmentally friendly??? It can't be anything other than the super duper DivaCup!!

Alright, if your a male just go to the next posting now because it has nothing to do with you guys! However, for us girls, we know what its like to throw away countless pads and tampons each year which pollute our environment, are harmful to our bodies (all that bleach yuck!) and drain our wallets. Isn't it time you try something new? My bbf's Serena, Kristina and I have been using the Divacup for 3 years now and we honestly love it to pieces! It is so easy to use, quick to clean and best of all there is no waste.
If I could get you to purchase one thing this year for yourself or a friend it would be the Divacup. You won't find the Divacup at any big box store like Wal-Mart, you need to search in a Whole Foods or your local health store to purchase one. You see the big bad companies such as Proctor & Gamble (Always & Tampax) and Playtex don't want you to know about the Divacup. Once you buy the Divacup you won't ever need to buy tampons or pads again, therefore, they won't be getting your hard earned money!! The big companies may be smart but us ecochica's are smarter!!

*Melissa with her mom Sherry & step dad Larry*

Melissa also received this stunning Citizen watch with Eco Drive from her mom and step-dad. Using light from any source provides the watch with endless energy without the use of batteries! Now that's a birthday present if I ever saw one!! :0)

Happy Birthday Melissa!!!


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