Thursday, April 7, 2011


*Delivering the cage to Amanda in Caye Caulker, Belize*

As many of you already know, whenever I travel abroad I try and help out the local animal welfare groups and humane societies that work tirelessly to prevent animal suffering in third world countries. Once I booked my March Break trip to Belize, I emailed the Caye Caulker Humane Society to find out if there was anything they desperately needed that could easily be found in Canada. The answer I received in their response was a request I wasn’t sure if I could help out with – they wanted a humane animal trap to catch homeless and abandoned cats that were wandering the island!!


I have brought vet meds to Uganda, collars and leashes to the Cayman Islands and office supplies to Mexico but NEVER something as unique and large as an animal trap!! Where the heck to start looking?? After some brainstorming I decided to email SWAT Wildlife from the Greater Toronto Area and see if they could sell me an old, rusty trap that was collecting dust in a corner. Rather than selling me one of their cages, SWAT blew me away with their incredible DONATION of an awesome humane animal trap at no cost at all!!

*I had to improvise on how I was going to "pack" a trap! I wonder what security thought!?*

The Humane Society and I are so grateful for their support and selflessness which has now been shared throughout the island of Caye Caulker. In just one weekend, the donated cage from SWAT caught 8 cats who were taken directly to the islands vet for a check up, vaccines and then spayed/neutered. This trap will now save countless lives of unwanted litters that would have been born on the streets and live a life of uncertainty.

Amanda, from the humane society, emailed me and said "one kitten wondered in without it even baited, then we found the others nearby, must have smelt good!" (picture attached) A HUGE thank you to Derick and the SWAT Wildlife team for making such a difference for the animals – your generosity will never be forgotten!

*Very safe & lucky kittens who have already been vet checked & are in their furr-ever homes!*


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