Tuesday, March 29, 2011

What Did You Do For Earth Hour 2011???

*Kristina's dad Vince, me, Kristina and the b-day boys dad Ken*

Kristina and I attended her brother-in-laws surprise birthday party this past Saturday and had a blast! Of course when we saw the invite and realized the party was taking smack-dab in the middle of Earth Hour we freaked out a bit!!! Thankfully to the amazing party planner - my best friend & Kristina's sister Melissa, Earth Hour was incorporated in the party! The lights were shut off, candles were lit and the countdown began. Thankfully it didn't hinder the atmosphere at all - everyone had a great time and having all the electricity off just added a different edge to all of the conversations and dancing. The thing that surprised Kristina and I the most was how the adults got more involved in Earth Hour than any of the younger generation did. Melissa's dad and father-in-law were the ones who initiated the countdown and made sure all the electricity in the house was turned off! Kudos to Vince and Ken - THANK YOU!

Kristina and I have already discussed next years plans! By next April, Kristina and her boyfriend John will have moved into their first house so we already know where Earth Hour 2012 will be held!! PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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