Wednesday, March 9, 2011

9 Year Old Vows To Save Lolita!!!

The Intelligence & Compassionate Children Demonstrate never ceases to amaze me!

Paul just turned 9 years old, he is passionate, dedicated and an incredibly hopeful child. He wants to educate and inform all those who do not know Lolita's story. He has faith that Lolita can be freed and taken back to Puget Sound were here family including her mother wait for her. She has been kept captive in the Miami Seaquarium for too long. She deserves to be free. Please help Paul and all of us in spreading the message... Help in any way you can and join us in Freeing Lolita!

To find out how you can help and for more information please visit...

A HUGE thank you and everyone else who has dedicated their time and passion to savinf Lolita. If you would like to voice your concern directly please email: and tell the USDA to enforce their own laws regarding Lolitas tank size!!! We can and WILL make a difference!!


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