Monday, March 28, 2011

Saying Goodbye Is Never Easy

*Rex at the Tails From Greece Walk-A-Thon!*

I met Rex a few years ago at a Tails From Greece walk-a-thon downtown Toronto. Tails From Greece is an amazing organization that works tirelessly to bring abandoned, abused and neglected animals from various shelters in Greece. Unfortunately the majority of animals in Greece are treated less than dirt and government funded poisonings, hangings and shootings happen on a daily basis around the country and throughout the islands.

Rex was found in Thessaloniki by some caring rescuers and unbelievably re-homed in Toronto. He was diagnosed with degenerative Myleopathy in Greece but this did not stop his mom Candice from adopting him and giving him a second chance at life. (She originally saw him on Petfinder!) Rex was born in 2011 and yesterday he went to the Rainbow Bridge. He'll be missed by everyone who came to know him very, very much. Candice made a beautiful tribute to Rex who many people came to know since his journey from Thessaloniki just short of 2 yrs ago (April 29, 2009). We are so sorry for your loss Candice and may you remember all the incredible memories you had with Rex and what an amazing life you were able to provide him with! You will always be his angel!

*A pic I took of Candice & Rex at the walk-a-thon*


  1. i am from thessaloniki.i knew rex.we informed the rescuers about rex.candice,i am sorry for your loss.we would like to thank you and tails from greece,for rescuing animals from our country.

  2. Thank you for your kind words I will pass them along to Diane Aldan from Tails From Greece rescue