Monday, February 14, 2011

Update From AKI & The USPCA..........

There have been a lot of exciting things happening at my favourite (and the only) animal shelter in Uganda. An Animal-Kind International supporter designated his donation to the Uganda SPCA for community spay/neuter, the USPCA had the dogs at this orphanage in Entebbe (home to 40 children, babies to young adults) sterilized. Through this wonderful donation 4 males and 4 females were sterilized preventing countless unwanted litters, and USPCA still has funds left over from AKI's generous donor to spay and neuter additional pets of low or no income families. AKI donors can really make a difference for dogs and cats in poor countries, where there are so few people who are able to donate, and even when there are willing and able volunteers--as there are in all AKI partner organizations--funds severely limit what they can achieve.

During Karen's January 2011 trip to Uganda, she was able to see another way in which AKI donors have had a direct impact on the lives of animals in poor countries. The USPCA Haven's kennels needed repairs, and the AKI donations that Karen brought with her were put to use right away to get the kennels back into good condition. Also, as many of you know, an AKI donor's monthly contribution supports the salary of one of the Haven's caretakers, Mary (in the photo, wearing a pink dress) -because of Mary, each dog and cat gets personal care each and every day. (including one of my fav's "Hope"!)

*A picture of Mary & Hope that I took while at the USPCA in July 2010*

How Can YOU Help The USPCA!?!?

USPCA's Requests For Their Dogs & Cats

1. The USPCA pays $33 to spay a dog or cat, and give a rabies vaccination. Your donation of $33 will spay one dog or cat and provide one rabies vaccination; your donation of $330 will spay ten dogs or cats and provide ten rabies vaccinations. We are targeting females since our funds are low and with one vet whose services are already spread thinly, we have to maximize our investment.

2. You can also donate funds for general veterinary care. For example, the USPCA would like to organize regular clinics in slum areas where any animal can get treated for diseases or injuries, and can be de- wormed and get a rabies vaccination. The cost of this general veterinary care would be about US$8 for each animal treated.

3. The USPCA is trying to convince people not to keep their dogs in small boxes, and for willing owners, is providing an alternative—a running line. For US $7 the USPCA can buy the material for and install a running line.

4. You can sponsor a USPCA kennel and provide support to feed the dogs at The Haven. Usually, a kennel holds about six dogs. Supporting one kennel for two months costs about $200. At your request, the USPCA will send pictures of the dogs that occupy your sponsored kennel space.

5. You can support the USPCA by donating rent for one month. The USPCA has to pay US $400 for rent of The Haven premises. Any donations are greatly appreciated, especially given the high cost of rent and the salaries the USPCA now has to pay to keep The Haven operating.

Please support the USPCA and Animal-Kind International in any way that you can. They truly are an incredible organization that runs with no overhead whatsoever. Every penny that you donate goes directly to the shelters in need and helps countless animals get a second chance at life!



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