Sunday, February 6, 2011

Disney's Earth 2011 Trailer Now Out!

Last year, viewers of Disney's Oceans had the opportunity to view a teaser trailer for the upcoming 2011 Earth Day release of the newest addition to their beautiful series and we knew immediately that it had to do with African cats! Well the full trailer has officially come out and the footage is stunning. The documentary will follow two big cat families as they live and grow in the African Savannah trying to survive as best they can. It will show the dangers, love and bonds these wild cats must endure while trying to live and protect & raise their young.

Following their wonderful dedication in conservation as they have in previous years, DisneyNature will make a donation to African Wildlife Foundation for the Amboseli Corridor Project with every ticket sold during opening weekend (with a minimum of $100,000 donation to this program). The African Wildlife Foundation, together with people of Africa, works to ensure the wildlife and wild lands of Africa ill endure forever. Celebrating it's 50th anniversary AWF is a credible and well respected conservation leader in Africa! So start calling your friends and family to make a movie date for April 22nd or 23rd and get ready to be inspired, educated and mesmerized by the beauty that the animals and landscapes of Africa have to offer.
Hahaha I know my friends and family won't be making any plans that weekend because they know I always have things planned for them! :0P

Also, parents and teachers can click HERE to download and receive an 8 page educational activity guide that will inspire children to learn about the African Savannah and the animals that live there!! It's a great way to get them interested and exciting about the movie in advance!


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