Monday, February 21, 2011

New Washer & Dryer!

*NOT My Laundry Room hahaha*

"I am sure we are going to save on our water and electricty bills because we are not using anywhere near as much water nor are we running the dryer for as long as we had to with the old and outdated appliances we had before. Before I used to have to run clothes for at least two cycles before they were completely dry but now forty minutes dries a heavy duty load!! I am so happy we purchased this new washer dryer set!"

- That's what my mom had to say the first weekend she used our brand new washer and dryer set. Sure, she's excited about cutting the time in half but I am secretly grinning thinking of how many pounds of carbon dioxide we will save from going into the atmosphere!! Not to mention, once the warm weather arrives in Southern Ontario we can start using the clothes line again and allow "Mr. Sun" to dry our skivvies!! hehehehe

We are not only helping the environment but our pocketbook as well! Its definitely a win win situation!


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