Monday, February 21, 2011

Michael Vick And The Real Story

Lately there has been a lot of Michael Vick in the news (last week he just cancelled his appearance on the Oprah Winfrey show). You remember him right? That loser who had it all going for him with the NFL career, major endorsements and millions of dollars going through his bank account each month? Well ya he pretty much took it all for granted and decided to open up his own dog fighting ring which operated under the name "Bad Newz Kennels".
I have been learning all about the operation, trial and crazy/horrific details in a terrific book I picked up from my library called "The Lost Dogs - Michael Vick's Dogs and their Tale of Rescue and Redemption". I am only half way through the book but I must say it is beautifully written and really goes into the details of how hard it was for the detectives and prosecutors to actually bring this story to light. I had no idea there would be so many government officials in Virgirnia who were on Vick's side and actually felt bad for the guy!

Thankfully we all know how the story turned out - Vick (and his loser dog killing friends) was charged, lost his contract with the Falcons,faced humiliation and did in fact go to jail for 21 months. Thankfully many of "The Vick Dogs" were in fact saved (not only from the life of fighting & death) but also dodged euthanasia with the help of some amazing rescue groups and very selfless/caring individuals. Michael Vick also paid close to 1 million dollars for the rescued pit bulls to go through intense rehabilitation and were given a second chance to live a second chance with loving families around The States. (120 of the Bad Newz Kennel dogs were not so lucky)

*Tim Racer & Donna Reynolds who saved so many of Vick's Pitties*

To find out more about this very interesting story which really changed the face of dog fighting in America, please pick up Jim Gorant's "The Lost Dogs - Michael Vick's Dogs and their Tale of Rescue and Redemption" you definitely will NOT be disappointed!!

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