Sunday, September 5, 2010

Little Additions!

*Bradley in the Shelter*

I went to the shelter this past week and painstakingly went through all of the cages to choose my new little fosters. For some reason I had such a hard time picking the kittens I would take home with me which in turn meant saving them from euthanasia. I went in with two on my list: "Bradley" and "Bubbles". Bradley looked great and was yearning for me to take him out of the cage which I did immediately and told him that he was now safe and wouldn't have to worry about where and when he was going to get his next meal. Unfortunately when I reached "Bubbles" cage she wasn't looking very good. Her head was down and she was very weak - one of the first signs of the deadly and horrific disease distemper. I stood there for what seemed an eternity and apologized that I just wouldn't be able to risk spreading the disease to my little "Bradley" and any others I would be able to save that day. Whom am I to play God?? What gives me the right to say who will live and who will die?? I had to turn my back on "Bubbles" knowing she would be killed the next day because I didn't save her. As tears stung my eyes I was being pawed and called to by the countless other cats and kittens who were begging me to save them. I finally came across another lone kitten who just sat there pleading with his eyes. He looked active and healthy so I decided he would be little "Bradleys" playmate.......I named him "Bug-A-Boo".

*Bug-A-Boo behind bars*

As I was leaving the cat room with my two little men I came across the dreaded x and T/S which means that cage has been marked for euthanasia the next day when the vet comes in to clear out the cages. The "X" basically means whatever is in that specific cage needs to be killed and the T/S means the euthanasia is due to time and space. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with the two kittens peering at me from behind the metal bars except for the fact that their mother had never been spayed, their father never neutered and they were born in a city that has some of the highest poverty rates in Canada. Ughhhh I tried to continue walking but I just couldn't. I opened Bug A Boo and Bradleys cage and threw in these two baby tabby's that were due to die within 24 hours.

*Pablo and Lilian*

THATS IT I ran out of the shelter (after signing the release papers of course) and cried in my car. How could I leave "Bubbles" behind? Why would these four kittens live and all the others die? Why the hell can't people spay and neuter their pets?? The ride back to my home was a long one and I wondered how I would explain to my parents that I just couldn't leave them behind?!? Of course I got yelled at and given that "dissapointed" look and reminded that as the animals leave our house no more should be coming back in BUT if I don't do it who else will?? For now at least "Bradley", "Bug-A-Boo", "Pablo" and "Lilian" are safe and warm in my basement and will find their forever homes in a few weeks. RIP Bubbles.


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