Friday, February 12, 2010

How Green Are The Olympics??

Tonight I am sitting at home in my family room surrounded by my parents and best friend. Being the proud Canadians that we are of course we are glued to our TV watching the Vancouver 2010's Opening Ceremony for the Winter Games. Considering the millions of tourists, athletes and media visiting the West Coast I began wondering to myself if the Olympic committee and the city of Vancouver had done anything different or made a conscience effort to be environmentally responsible. Even though I live on the other side of Canada, Torontonians have been bombarded with the Olympic spirit and we have absolutely embraced it however I surprisingly hadn't thought of the environmental impact the Olympics would have on one of Canada's most Eco-friendly and nature inspired Provinces. I did a bit of searching and came across this video from CNN and was very surprised and excited to hear how the medals would be created! Take a look believe and see for yourself!!

Pretty cool EH!?!?!?!


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