Monday, February 1, 2010

Barebum Betty Saved!!

Well well well! A little "girl" who I have been networking to get out of a high kill shelter in Ontario was RESCUED TODAY!!! Woo Hoo I couldn't be happier and this news has made my day! For the past few weeks I have been posting "her" picture on facebook and telling all of my friends and co workers about the helpless (and for some reason almost hairless) black angel who was at risk of being euthanized at no fault of "her" own. You may be wondering why I keep putting her in brackets is because today it was found out that it is actually a neutered boy! Thats ok as long as he is safe and warm thats all that matters!! I know the staff at the shelter and they do their best to sex all the hundreds of cats and kittens that come through their doors everyday and of course everyone makes mistakes!

Reasons to why he is missing so much fur is unknown at this time. It could be that he had a flea allergy in the summer and scratched it all off, he may have a food allergy or even a nervous OCD licking problem. Whatever it is I am sure he can overcome the obstacles and turn into the most beautiful and glorious cat ever!! YAY!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOO HAPPY!

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