Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Can A Green Valentines Be A Good Valentines?!

OF COURSE IT CAN!!!! A pink valentines day is so passe!! In order to do things right this year it has to be GREEN! There are so many ways this year to lessen and curb your carbon footprint when it comes to celebrating with loved ones on February 14th! In my opinion Valentines Day puts too much pressure on what to buy and how much to spend! I honestly believe that a picnic in a park, love "coupons" and homemade cards are the most special and genuine. However if you do want to go out and spend some money why not try to do it in a more sustainable way this year. Heres a list of places and things you can purchase for your sweetie:

Kakayo is passionate about chocolate. Their mouth watering truffles are made from
premium, organic, fair trade ingredients. In addition, they also do NOT use any preservatives!
They are located at 1585 Queen Street East, Toronto

The uncompromising beauty of Canadian diamonds derives from their pure history. Brilliant Earth's Canadian diamonds are mined, cut, and polished with environmentally responsible and fair labor practices. Diamonds from Canada are wholly free from violence and human rights abuses.

Organic Bouquet is a mission-based company that cares about environmental, social and economic sustainability. With every purchase from Organic Bouquet, you are improving the life of a grower or artisan and protecting the environment for generations to come.

Whatever you do this Valentines and whomever you celebrate it with (furry friends incld.) please do so while considering the health of our planet and the amount of waste you might be contributing to it!

Love Nicole

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