Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Quincey's Got A New Friend!

Introducing..............Mr. Lion!!!!! Quincey's newest and favourite buddy is his new eco-friendly and charitable dog toy made by Simply Fido which also benefits the Jane Goodall Institute. I didn't even know Jane had a pet collection through her "Good For All" brand which was created to recognize companies and environmentally conscious products that reflect Jane Goodall's core values. This collection of dog toys, which also features an adorable whale, are made from unprocessed cotton, hemp and coloured using an all natural process. I have purchased other toys made by Simply Fido which were certified organic but I do not believe this collection is and the only place I have been able to purchase them in Canada is at various Pet Valu locations. Even with all my searching and research I haven't been able to find out what percentage of profits will be donated to the Jane Goodall Institute for chimpanzee conservation and education so if anyone out there knows please let me know! :0)

*Quincey with his little lion*
*Other toys from the "Simply Jane" collection*


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