Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Comes For A Second Time!!

When I got home from work today there was a large parcel waiting for me!!! YAY who doesn't like unexpected gifts right?? Well turns out my parents ordered some things for me back in November that didn't make it under the Christmas tree in time! :0(

In the parcel were items from Florida's Save The Manatee Club. I have been a supporter of their's for a long time. I have an adopted manatee named Whiskers in my scrapbook and have adopted various manatees for my cousins as well. STMC is a fantastic non-profit group that has been promoting manatee conservation efforts within Florida and have recently been sponsoring research and rescue/rehabilitation efforts in various countries such as Belize and Senegal. (See my post from last year HERE)

Inside the little box from the US was a manatee toothbrush and soap holder, Christmas book, wine stopper and a bonus bag!

The fun didn't stop there!!! HAHAHA turns out in the mailbox was an envelope from the U.K. Now this I knew was coming! One of the items on my list this year was an adopted orangutan through Care For The Wild International in support of the Orangutan Foundation. For only 25 pounds, the adoption pakcage included lots of education reading material, a sticker for the car window, a plush orangutan, Christmas card, a donation box and of course the adoption certificate who turned out to be a baby named Wenda from Sumatra. Thankfully since Wenda's rescue in 2009 (from a small cage in someone's garage) she is flourishing in a rehabilitation center and will hopefully be released into the wild and help her critically endangered friends fight back from extinction!


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