Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Green Living Show 2010

I apologize........... I know I am two weeks late however I did want to share my Green Living Show experience with you for this year. I went again with Kristina (my best eco buddy & friend) during the weekend of April 23rd to enjoy our favourite day of the year!! (Yes we admit we get more excited about the show than Christmas)!

It was really good this year (as always) and we thoroughly enjoyed spending our time and money on environmentally things that will help us and out planet. This year was a bit different for Kristina as she will be moving into her first house next year so she had her eye on particulars such as sustainable hardwood flooring, hemp shower curtains and recycled pillows.

Again I spent tons of money on things such as organic chocolate milk, Green Beaver health products, a new Kenana Kritter made in Kenya, tons of organic t-shirts and a new HUGE stainless steel bottle from

One of my favourite things at the show was meeting Karen who runs a company that sells eco-friendly products that can have advertising on it such as biodegradable pens, stainless water bottles and a clean air tree kit. It was a coincidence meeting Karen at the show as my cousin had purchased over 20 tree kits for her daughters birthday party to give out as a loot bag present. The tree kits are completely biodegradable, provides all the necessary things you need for your sapling AND just in case the person does not take advantage of growing it the WCAFI will plant a tree somewhere in the world to offset more carbon dioxide!

*The WCFI Stand*

I was even able to view an electric Tesla car in person!! How cool is that!?!?!

*Tesla Roadster*

*The Kenana Kritter Stand*

As usual we had a great time at the show and spent way too much money. We were also very happy to see many young people out at the show which tells me that hopefully the younger generation will be more eco-friendly than our parents!