Sunday, May 16, 2010

15 Chihuahuas Escape CA Shelters & FInd A New Life In NYC

I came across this wonderful story of 15 chihuahuas who escaped death at a San Francisco shelter and are now being re-homed in NYC. Due to the extreme popularity following Legally Blonde, Paris Hilton and Taco Bell thousands of chihuahuas were finding themselves homeless. The smallest dog breed in the world was finding itself being dumped in shelters, on the side of the road and even garbages due to the fact that idiots didn't realize they are REAL dogs and require food, shelter, training and of course love. Unfortunately for some reason California was the hardest hit in terms of abandonment and still to this day thousands of young, healthy and ultra-cute chihuahuas are being euthanized each year. Thankfully the SPCA in NYC opened up their hearts and shelter to rescue and re-home 15 beautiful angels. This past Thursday, the lucky 15 flew from San Fran all the way to JFK airport on Virgin Airways starting their new leash on life. According to volunteers and fellow passengers, all the dogs completely behaved themselves and slept for most of the flight!! How cute! I hope this opens up a channel for more dogs, especially chihuahuas, to be rescued and re-located to various states that don't have as high a euthanasia rate as California does!


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