Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sweet angel

This was a picture of Gisele just three days ago and unfortunately now she can barely keep her head up. Since I rescued her from imminent death at a shelter she had been sneezing but did not show any signs of a serious upper respiratory infection. Now she can barely keep her head up. I don't know why or how God chooses certain lives to live or die but this situation is just cruel. Like I have said before, black animals are the last to be rescued and first to be euthanized in humane societies and shelters due to the fact that most times they do not show well in photos on websites promoting the animals. I only have Gisele and Ridley in my care right now but of course Gisele is the one getting all of the attention. I have been syringing Pedialyte into her mouth every couple of hours. Thankfully she is swallowing the liquid but when it comes to wet food there is absolutely no interest. She is currently in the bathroom as my dad takes a shower. In these situations we keep the doors and windows closed that way the shower can create a lot of hot steam which will hopefully open up Gisele's airways and unplug her stuffy nose. Poor thing is breathing through her mouth right now. Upper respiratory infections are extremely contagious and almost all kittens I rescue from the shelter have it (ie: sneezing) but unfortunately it hits some much harder than other, in this case it was Gisele and not Ridley. I will keep continuing to fight for her and do all I possibly can to keep her alive and if anything comfortable if these are the last hours of her life. If there is any consolation to the short life she may have, she will at least pass away in a loving, warm home rather than a cold stainless steel shelter cage! Please pray for Gisele and all the other black angels!


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