Saturday, October 10, 2009

And Life Goes On.........

Since my last post there has been some death and new life occurring around me. Unfortunately Gisele did eventually pass away from her Upper Respiratory Infection that she valiantly fought. Even though her life was so short I do continually tell myself that she did experience love and a warm home rather than dying by herself in a cold stainless steel cage. During the last couple of weeks I also celebrated my 25th birthday!! Ughhhh I am getting so old and not looking forward to what the future holds in terms of wrinkles! hahaha I have to say out of all the wonderful gifts I received my favourite of all was the little black kitten swarovski crystal my dad bought for me in honour of Gisele and all of the other black animals who never get adopted and die so quickly in shelters across the world. In other good news I had the opportunity to go back to animal control last night and rescue three precious 4 week old babies who were going to be euthanized immediately because they require a little extra care. They are so teeny and sweet I still dont know the sexes yet and have not named them! Once they get a little bit bigger I will post some more pictures!! I guess in one way Gisele passed yet gave room for more life!

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