Saturday, January 21, 2012

Straight From The Fosters Mouth!

I rescued a little orange tabby from my local high-kill shelter because he was going to be euthanized for two reasons:

1. There was not enough room in the shelter to keep sick & nervous animals
2. The staff there thought he was too hard to give the kitten the necessary meds to help him

I was told by my friend, and Toronto Cat Rescue foster mom Shelley, to get to the shelter ASAP and rescue the kitten for her! I headed out the very next day to save this precious little man who was so so scared. Apparantly he was surrendered to the shelter because his owner had "too many cats in the house". SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS PEOPLE!!

On my way from the shelter to the vet clinic, the little tabby hid at the very back of the crate and looked at me with the most pitiful and soulful eyes. From that moment, I named him "Antonio" because he looked just like Antonio Banderas' character from "Puss and Boots".

Antonio got a clean bill of health and within 24 hours I received this message from his foster mom Shelley":

At first it was forced cuddling until he started to purr last night. Then it was more forced cuddling, but he was more willing. Then, I carried him downstairs, sat in a comfy chair and held him, rubbing his neck and face. Purring started, his body relaxed and then I realized that his tail was out. You know how they pull their tails up between their legs when they are scared? Last night he would barely look at me, and today we did a little gazing into each other's eyes (the ultimate sign of trust). Then slowly, slowly he "opened up', let me rub his belly, and next thing he was on his back legs up, arms down like a human baby, tail out and purring like a tractor. Then, we were both asleep. Best feeling ever, for both of us. Taking care of these little lives is the BEST and most honourable thing I have ever done.

A job very well done Shelley! Another life saved from certain death and within a week he will be put up for adoption on Toronto Cat Rescue's website!!


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