Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My First Rescue of 2012!

*These sister are spending their last night at the shelter*

Tomorrow morning I can head out to my local high-kill shelter and save some very worthy kitties all thanks to Toronto Cat Rescue. It is absolutely freezing in Toronto right now so nothing makes me more happier than getting these innocent cats out of their cold cages and bringing them straight to their warm and loving foster homes!! Here are just a few lives that will be changed for the better tomorrow:

*Siblings that were surrendered by their owners*

It will be nice drive for me tomorrow because I won't be rushing after work (I am still on holidays) and can beat the highway traffic altogether! Should be a great rescue day all in all! I just can't get my mind off all the other animals that are living outside and don't have a place to call home. I guess I can't save them all.

*Princess Jasmine has 2 deformed legs*

My first rescue of 2012 will be a very special one for all of these furr-babies!



  1. Did Princess Jasmine get a forever home? Having fostered dear sweet Bethany, who has two deformed legs, but did not know there was anything "wrong" with her, I know how wonderful these cats are. I hope Jasmine has found her forever home.

    Shelley "Cat Woman" Jones

    1. Serafina's ParentsApril 12, 2012 at 9:30 PM


      Indeed, Princess Jasmine has a warm, loving forever home. And a new name. Little Serafina is just as active and outgoing as any other kitty; she climbs onto the bed, the couch and can even scale the back of my chair (which has ruined it, but... ahh well).

      Here she is the first day home:

      Enjoying a sunbeam:

      Playing with one of her many toys:

      And then one more:

  2. OMG WHAT AN ANGEL!!! Thank you so much for adopting sweet Princess Jasmine! It was such a pleasure rescuing her and now seeing her so happy and loved in her new "furr-ever" home!!! :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and thank you again for looking past her "disability" if thats what people call it!!!