Monday, August 8, 2011

A Thank You From Jamaica!

Animal-Kind International President Karen Menczer has started distributing the money I raised through my charity garage sale to the intended shelters and rescue groups around the world. I received a wonderful email this week from Deborah Binns telling me how she was going to spend the $150 USD I allocated for her amazing organization: Kingston Community Animal Welfare where Deb dedicates her days (and nights) to caring for stray animals, education the public, getting as many animals spayed & neutered as well as feed those who are dying of starvation.

From Deborah:

Hi Nicole

Thank you so much for your generous donation thru AKI. I have 2 little mutts I took out of the bushes last week, in the dead of night, in heavy rain. They were, unsuccessfully, trying their best to shelter from the wind and rain. They bawled like banshees when I grabbed them but eventually they calmed down after rubbing their ears and giving kisses to the noses! J ( that never fails!) I will be using your contribution to feed, deworm and spay and neuter them. And, I already have a home identified for them but they will remain with me for a while longer cause they are so small.

I am sending some pics of them.

Take care !


Here are the adorable pictures she shared with me:

I am so proud of all of those who donated to my garage sale and in turn helped raise close to $500!!! I have asked Deborah to name the little girl puppy "Charlotte" in honour of a great family friend of mine who is only 8 years old but is ALWAYS SO GENEROUS with all of my charity garage sales - she continuously donates her old Barbie dolls, Hannah Montana games and toys that she no longer uses. Without her help and contribution, many animals would go hungry tonight so THANK YOU CHARLOTTE!! :) You now have your own puppy in Kingston, Jamaica!!!

Aside from my donation to Deborah I also had Karen distribute the following:

$150.00 to Pilar with Helping Hands For Honduras to use as she needs

$100.00 to the Namibia SPCA to help build new pens/kennels for the dogs

$100.00 to the Bosnia Animal Foundation for their upcoming spay & neuter campaign

$50.00 to the Uganda SPCA to help spay & neuter as many dogs and cats as possible

(this fifty dollars was raised through Cash For Cartrdiges!)



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