Monday, August 22, 2011

No Plastic Bags In Provo!

*Using my re-suable bags while shopping in the Turks & Caicos*

One thing I hate just as much as animal and child abusers is definitely plastic bags! I really feel that there is NO more need in this world for such senseless waste that is used so mindlessly by people every single day! This year I have made an effort to pack my re-usable bags with me while going on vacation so that I can not only reduce my need for plastic but also promote the use of this easy eco-friendly habit.

I loved shopping this past week on the beautiful island of Providenciales in the Turks & Caicos. I bought some really cute turtle necklaces from Dive Provo and a Potcake Place t-shirt benefitting an organization that helps the stray animals of TCI. It was so funny to hear my mom say "oh no plastic bags please, we are environmentalists and have our own bags"!!! You don't understand - ever 2 years ago my mom would have said to me "oh relax Nicole! Its only one bag relax!" so it just goes to show you that persistence and speaking up for what you believe in does work out!! (even for my stubborn mom lol)

*My awesome scuba turtle necklace from Dive Provo*

If more and more people start to bring even one re-usable bag with them while on holiday it will really promote the practice to other vacationers and the local people. Think of how many plastic bags we can keep from blowing into the ocean and destroying our precious planet? If every one just took a couple extra minutes in their day to think "how can I make a difference?"
Hopefully in 2 MORE years there will be millions more converts just like my mom!! :)


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