Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"JOJO": The Little Saviour For My Son........

My son, William, had a breakdown after many years of battling mental health issues 3 years ago. In January of 2011, we had to say goodbye to our little Bandit (a Shihtsu) after he was with us for 16 years. William was heartbroken and lonely, as many people with serious mental health issues are. Our home was too empty without a four-legged friend. Rather quickly, we decided to give a rescued dog a home and the search began. William found JOJO on the Mississauga Humane Society website and immediately felt that he was the one. When we met JOJO at Tom’s, his foster parent’s home, we fell in love with him instantly. JOJO was showing off in ways that Tom hadn't seen before, so clearly the feelings were mutual!

JOJO was 9 years old when he found us...and we've had such fun trying to figure him out. He 'talks' to me when I play with him or give him cuddles, but doesn't do this with anyone else, including my son, who he's best friends with. I imagine that maybe this was something he did with his former mom, who I understand had to go into a nursing home. My son is lavished with kisses often though!

From the moment we got him from The Mississauga Humane Society, he adjusted quickly and was very well-behaved! He doesn't like the groomer much, but comes home proud as a peacock after each visit! JOJO is a great communicator and every day we continue to learn together! He came to us with a minor ear infection, which was resolved quickly and also resulted in us discovering that he's allergic to chicken, a common food and treat ingredient that was causing the ear problems. So, he now has salmon and veggie food that has resolved the ear issues and vegetarian teeth-cleaning treats that we get from our vet clinic! JOJO has now gone through several ropes which he's very protective of. For Christmas he got a new colourful nesting blanket that he just loves.

Jojo was a saviour for my son, who rarely went outdoors and was rather lonely and isolated as a result of his condition. They quickly became best friends and went for long walks together. About 6 months ago, they met some friends at one of our local parks and now, every day, at 5pm, they all meet up to play! Sometimes, one of the moms in the club invites everyone back to her place for a doggy party!

Going back to school... Last summer, the progress my son made (thanks to JOJO’s companionship) gave him some newfound confidence, which led him to go back to school; something neither of us thought would ever happen again. They miss each other a lot when they're apart, but happy reunions happen after each night class!! He's happy and healthy and gives us so much joy with his loving personality, cuddles and kisses!

Thank you for all that you do and for all the foster parents that give so generously of their time and love until these beautiful animals find their forever homes! We know JOJO has!!   By: Cris Sturino

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