Sunday, January 27, 2013

Visiting Touch of Life Animal Shelter in Egypt!!

   *Myself with 3 day old puppies born at the shelter*
          Well, it has been a crazy few months!  Not only did I all get through the relentless holiday rush and Christmas celebrations, I also visited one of the most unique countries on earth......Egypt!  I had the most amazing time with my good diving friend Maria who hails from Sweden.  We spent a week diving the most Southern part of the Egyptian Red Sea!  Being able to dive up to four times a day, being surrounded by the ocean and in the company of fellow enthusiasts, Maria and I couldn't have had a better week!

        Upon returning to land from sea, Maria and I spent a day touring the temples of Luxor and then we had 3 days in Cairo.  During my final day in Egypt (after Maria had flown back to Sweden) I had the opportunity to visit the Touch of Life animal shelter in Giza.    

         I had such a wonderful time and spent 5 hours with the founder of TOL; Anouchka Mellin, her good friend and fellow volunteer Manal Gad and their two shelter staff.  The animal shelter is actually a rented house on some beautiful property which houses everything from donkeys, horses and goats to dogs and cats.  The dogs were so well cared for and clearly had so much fun running around the property.

         The cats are all indoors and have access to the three levels of the house.  I honestly couldn't believe how well they all get along and the fact that there was NO smell and EVERYONE used the litter boxes was astonishing!


     Unfortunately, as in many parts of the world, animal welfare is basically non-existant in Egypt.  Every day dogs and cats are abused, hit by cars and simply thrown away as trash.  With only 3 working shelters in Cairo/Giza it is a constant uphill battle to save as many lives as possible.  I was so glad I visited Touch of Life as they are one of the smaller and lesser known shelters in the area.  Anouchka has dedicated her life to rescuing as many animals as possible and changing the way Egyptians treat their pets.

       From Canada, I brought a small animal carrier filled with toys for both the dogs and cats, towels, medical gloves, plastic syringes, masks and leashes & collars that can be used for years to come.  I was also fortunate enough to leave $80.00 which will be used to purchase medications for some of the cats which have come into the shelter with eye infections. I have visited many shelters and animal rescue groups from around the world but for some reason TOL has really touched my heart and I am dedicated to helping them however I can!  I am currently holding a 50/50 raffle for TOL and so far a total of $225.00 has been raised for the shelter and $225.00 for the winner!  If you are interested in purchasing some tickets please leave a message below!!  Tickets are $3 each or 5 tickets for $10!!




  2. Thank you for sharing your experience Nicole.

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